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Tips for a well-organized living room

To organize your living room with good storage is not an easy job. in a proper way is not an easy job. Everyone has different wishes and needs and above all; a difference amount of stuff. Are you for instance the type of person with only the basics or are you more a collector with all kinds of objects, books, objects and paintings? The tips for a well-organized living room full of smart storage solutions.

    Storing like a pro

    Small living room? Smart storage! 

    In a small living room being multifunctional is key. And extra storage is something everybody can use, no matter how big or small your space! With a flexible storage system you can use every centimeter of your space in smart way. Shelves, baskets, bins and crates are good too. Also handy: a footstool with storage space inside. Low cabinets make your room look more spacious and less 'full’. Same as cabinets floating above the floor, it gives optical space.

      Multifunctional wall

      Whether you have a teenager in the house or a preschooler, they are somehow…euhhh, less tidy in their cleaning behavior. Your dining table is full of schoolbooks. At night you scream when stepping on a sharp toy, and on weekends your living room looks like an exploded nursery and playroom. Where do you leave everything? A cupboard wall is a great solution in a spacious living room. Besides the fact that you can also store a lot, you also have the possibility for a small desk, your television and wall shelves for decoration. You may want administration, school supplies and remote controls behind doors, personal objects or photo frames you want to show. Dare to play!

        Show it off

        Are you in need of more storage but don’t want a full storage wall? Combining open and closed doors or cubes are a playful and personal solution. The space between the cubes can be used either for storage or to display things you like. Give it a personal touch!

          Out of sight

          For more serenity in your living room it’s smart to keep some belongings more out of sight but still easy to grab. A nice hidden spot is behind or underneath your sofa. Place a shelf of 10 cm below the edge of the backrest between your sofa and the wall. In this way you create extra space for practical, fun or beautiful things such as games, books, candles, plants and your favorite photos. Other items such as books, magazines or your cozy plaid you place in bins or drawers underneath your sofa. Easy does it!

          More storage ideas

          Kids corner: tidy up!

          Toys rarely come in earth tones and kids love to pull all their stuff out to play. Find the right color balance between kids storage solutions and the rest of your living room. This way the kids corner blends in smoothly with the rest of your interior. And, not unimportant, teach children to tidy up. Give them baskets or bins to store their toys. Many children like to help with the household and… cleaning up is part of it!

          Check toy storage
            Check toy storage

            Bye bye wires and cords

            If your home workspot is in your living room you don't want tangled wires all over the place. A storage box to keep your cables in line is smart because you can easily take the box with you to any other flexible workspot in your house. Do you have a permanent home workplace? Then cable ducts are your best companions to get organized.