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Cable management & accessories

Tame that cable chaos by neatly and safely organising them. Our handy cable organisers and accessories keep all your cables under control and your house will immediately look a bit neater and tidier.

Quickly and easily conceal cables

Can't see the woods for the trees with all those cables? All the devices and technology we use these days create a surfeit of cables and cords. A house where the cables are neatly out of view looks quite a lot neater. A cable duct is ideal for organising cords. Easy to cut to any length you need. With a junction box, you can simply keep your cords and cables in one place. Perfect for office spaces where there are a lot of desktops with cords. Don't have space to keep your cords out of sight? Then our cable management bag is a good solution. Declutter by keeping your cords, junction boxes and extension cords in a stylish bag. Just put it on a side table or cabinet!

Create order with our cords and accessories

Tired of all those cords? Or are you forever losing your phone charger? Then wireless charging is a smart solution. You won't have to untangle cords anymore or look for your charger. Just place the phone on the charger. Some of our wireless chargers can also be built into a piece of furniture. We have handy holders for your tablet or smartphone. Special indentations are built into these to keep your cords tidy. Need another USB charger? Take a look at our range of USB chargers. You'll find chargers with a clamp, chargers with three ports and micro-USBs.