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Kitchen appliances: Surprising taste-makers

The days when kitchen appliances were purely functional are over. IKEA insiders share six ways in which appliances improve everyday life in the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances - flavours for your kitchen - IKEA inspiration
Kitchen appliances - flavours for your kitchen - IKEA inspiration

"More and more people are planning their kitchen appliances at the beginning of the design process," says Anders Grafström, range communicator for cooking & eating at IKEA. "IKEA appliances are designed to fit perfectly into IKEA kitchens in terms of style and size. And by combining them, you can create your own dream space." According to Anders, it's important to pay attention to the way you like to use your kitchen. "When you're cooking together, it's a good idea to place the oven and hob in different places. And if you like to throw parties, a double oven is ideal."

Quiet kitchen equipment

When selecting devices, pay close attention to any sounds they make. Whether you like silence or just like to play music while cooking, a dominant sound can have a big impact on the overall atmosphere in the kitchen. Several studies have shown that too many sound impressions make it difficult to focus and that can make you tired. Opting for silent kitchen appliances is therefore smart.

The best extractor hood

Speaking of sound ... Exhaust hoods still want to produce a lot of sound. They are ideal for removing unwanted cooking odours, but you don't want them to remove the purified indoor air as well. Stephen Lea is an IKEA product developer. His tip? "Designs that are efficient at collecting impurities while minimising noise and energy consumption can be better than the strongest extractor hoods.

Cosy kitchen lighting

It is not only functional lighting that ensures sufficient light in the kitchen. Integrated appliance lighting can also contribute to an attractive whole. Ann-Kristin Holmqvist is a senior interior designer: "Look for warm, ambient forms that blend into the rest of your kitchen. Some kitchen appliances even have dimmable switches to determine the atmosphere."

Style statement in the kitchen

The look of your kitchen equipment doesn't have to be a side issue. "Today, we want more from our appliances, whether they're fully integrated into the kitchen or they're superstars in terms of aesthetics," says Bruno Lizotte, creative leader at IKEA. Choose appliances that you love and show off your personal style.

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