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Time to treat someone with a gift! Are you looking for a gift for the techy, the sustainable thinker, or gold lover? At IKEA, we've selected some of our favourite gifts in this gift guide to make things just a little easier for you.


Presents for children

Looking for the best gifts for the little ones? Click on the button below to view the specially selected gifts per price range.

IKEA gifts

Gift idea: IKEA gift card

Is there a dice game planned with a limited budget or do you offer more expensive gifts? There are surprising gifts for every budget.

Would you rather have someone pick a gift for themselves? Give the IKEA gift card. With the countless possibilities offered by an IKEA gift card or digital gift card (a solution for those last-minute shoppers!), you're sure to make someone happy!

Share your favourite gifts with #mijnIKEA

Packing and giving gifts may be as much fun as getting a gift. Get ideas below and inspire others by sharing your favourite gifts and packaging styles via Instagram with #mijnIKEA.

Bought a present, let's start wrapping...