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IKEA products and furniture at a glance: Everything for your home & more

Hello and welcome to our virtual gateway. A few clicks will lead you into the heart of your digital IKEA store. Discover an array of IKEA products, all available for direct online ordering from the comfort of your home. The diverse IKEA range is at your fingertips, teeming with fresh and innovative ideas. Looking for outstanding value? Then take a look at our special offers and IKEA Family ideas. Seasonal IKEA furniture is also on display here, catering to your festive Christmas needs or your summer garden party essentials. If you’re looking for unique products or simply inspiration, delve into our search function or uncover the immersive IKEA rooms. Sustainable IKEA furniture, pioneering smart home solutions, and a host of other home themes and articles from the IKEA product universe await you. Whether it's IKEA sofas, sideboards, beds and mattresses, tables and chairs, wardrobes, rugs, or outdoor furniture you're after, we've got you covered. Welcome to IKEA Switzerland online.

IKEA products: Find quality furniture and beautiful decoration effortlessly

Are you casually browsing, or do you have a particular piece of IKEA furniture in mind? Whatever you’re doing, welcome to our site, your gateway to the expansive IKEA catalogue. Whether you're on the hunt for budget-friendly IKEA products, Christmas decorations or garden furnishings, sustainable IKEA solutions, or comprehensive living and kitchen ideas, feel free to explore our product range. And while we’re at it, why not tailor our products to your unique taste and style?

New inspiration every day: Your next favourite awaits

Are you already familiar with IKEA Family? Here, you'll find exclusive deals just for you. All that's required is your IKEA Family card. Beyond family-specific offers, you can constantly explore a range of promotions, special deals, and last-minute bargains. Why not delve into our selection of IKEA offers?

Seasonal products from IKEA: 365 days full of good ideas

The number 365 holds significant importance to us. That's why you'll find an array of seasonal products within our IKEA range. Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter: whatever your plans may be, our furniture and accessories are here to accommodate you. Why not explore our current offerings tailored just for you and make every season your favourite with IKEA?

Sustainable products by IKEA: Good for the environment, good for you

By 2030, our ambition is to redefine standards in both sustainability and fair trade. We currently only use LEDs as the light sources for our lighting solutions. We are committed to ensuring that our products are crafted from recycled or renewable materials wherever feasible. Moreover, we are committed to providing fair remuneration and ensuring future-proof perspectives for our suppliers. To learn more about our 2030 initiative and our current contributions towards the environment and society, please refer to our IKEA sustainability strategy.

Ingenious IKEA solutions for small and compact living spaces

Limited space? Dealing with an unconventional room layout? Why not explore our furniture and accessories designed to maximise your space or cater to unique corners. From upholstered furnishings and clever storage solutions to the entire IKEA series, our product range can help you make use of even the most challenging spaces - like under stairs or sloping ceilings - and design each room to your liking. For more support and fresh inspiration, take advantage of our versatile online planners and handy product guides.

Discover the future of home living with smart products by IKEA

Thinking of a smart home? It's easy to achieve with IKEA. Explore our vision of the Internet of Things. From lamps and blinds to speakers and air purifiers, we're constantly innovating, bringing you ideas that can be programmed and controlled at the touch of a button.

Transform your outdoors into a living oasis with IKEA’s range of outdoor products

Whether it's for your balcony, garden or patio, our outdoor furniture, plants, gardening tools, outdoor lamps and much more can help you create an inviting outdoor living space. All IKEA outdoor furnishings are designed to be sustainable and seasonally adaptable, providing functionality 365 days a year. Even if they simply enhance your indoor space when moved inside.

Fall in love with IKEA series: Your one-stop shop for home furnishing

Looking for IKEA products that perfectly complement one another? It's a breeze when you opt for one of our popular IKEA ranges. Some are timeless classics, while others are trendsetters. It goes without saying that your kitchen, living room or bedroom only deserve the finest upholstered furniture and innovative ideas. Discover our diverse array of IKEA series. The choice is yours!