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Sideboards, buffets & console tables

IKEA sideboards and buffets: Elegantly enhancing storage space

Looking for beautiful storage solutions that optimise space? Then why not explore our collection of sideboards, console tables, and buffet cabinets? These pieces provide stylish storage options that seamlessly blend into every room's design. A slender sideboard can improve the look of any hallway while offering storage for hats, shoes, and other small items. Buffets add a touch of elegance to dining rooms, creating a perfect ambiance for lavish gatherings and intimate candlelit dinners. White wooden or metal sideboards are versatile pieces that fit perfectly into modern spaces or ideally complement rooms with a retro flair. Our console tables offer breezy storage solutions, providing ample surface area for your belongings. These pieces not only enhance your decor but also ensure that everything important to you has a designated spot.

Yes, we do more than light wood

Don’t you think something is missing in your living room? Maybe it’s the sleek design of the new TONSTAD sideboard in oak veneer. With soft closing hinges for the doors and concealed slides with soft closing mechanisms for the drawers, the whole room will thank you.

The knob from a drawer of a TONSTAD sideboard in oak-veneer. An electric blue colour is reflecting on the bottom right side.
A blue room with a TONSTAD oak-veneer sideboard with a blue KYRRE stool standing next to is and a blue vase placed on top.

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A stylish sidekick that packs a punch

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the humble sideboard. The versatile storage and display piece that keeps everything: dinnerware, arts and crafts, missing keys. Pick one that fits your style: from traditional-style sideboards with rustic detailing to storage combinations with a sleek and minimal design.

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A corner of a wooden-floor dining room with a white HAUGA sideboard covered in decorations and dining accessories.
A white BESTÅ sideboard stands against a dark green wall in a light-filled room. On top of the sideboard are decorations.
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Some buddies to match your sideboard

HAUGA living room series – Versatile, traditional-style storage with a price that’s easy to love
BESTÅ storage system – Customise your ideal storage solution with modular units and fronts
VIHALS series – Low-price, easy-to-combine storage units with a simple and modern design

IKEA sideboards and console tables: Spacious elegance for your home

Some furniture pieces are designed to maximise space, while others are crafted for their beautiful design. But what if you could have both? Our sideboards, console tables, and buffet cabinets embody this rare combination. At IKEA, you'll find elegant shapes and loving details, captivating colours, high-quality materials, and an array of ingenious storage solutions suitable for both small and large items in our collection. And if you're looking for furniture that can seamlessly fit into spaces where large cupboards or deep chests of drawers cannot, or if you are looking to complement your rooms with stylish storage furniture that also enhances your interior design, we've got you covered.

IKEA sideboards: Smart solutions to maximise your space

Let's tackle the most critical question first: what exactly is a sideboard? Simply put, a sideboard is a wide, flat chest of drawers that offers substantial storage without monopolising your wall space. Ideal for breathing life and introducing storage into expansive walls, long sideboards leave ample room for additional decor like pictures, ornamental shelves, and more. For narrow spaces such as hallways and corridors, a slender sideboard is an excellent choice. It takes up minimal space both physically and visually, yet it provides plenty of storage. A low sideboard, another alternative, is flatter than standard sideboards, making it the perfect fit for a TV sideboard table or a storage solution beneath a wall-mounted television. A high sideboard, on the other hand, stands taller and blends the best attributes of a chest of drawers with a semi-tall cupboard. So, no matter what type of sideboard you're after, or the specific dimensions you need, rest assured, you'll find it at IKEA.

IKEA console tables: The perfect blend of versatility and style for your home

Console tables provide a unique blend of storage and style. They are more than just storage tables; they're also pieces of furniture artfully crafted to enhance any room's style. Despite their compact size, console tables have a light and airy design that makes them the perfect fit for smaller rooms where bulky furniture could be visually overpowering. Their distinctive elegance coupled with flexibility makes console tables incredibly versatile. They can function as a small sideboard in the kitchen or dining room, stowing away cutlery or plates within their drawers. Alternatively, they can serve as a chic dressing table or a convenient storage table in your bedroom or hallway.

IKEA buffet cabinets and sideboards for a dining room makeover

Buffet cabinets and high sideboards are not only practical storage solutions ranging from half to full height, but they also provide a platform for serving or showcasing food. These furniture pieces ingeniously combine a sturdy base, equipped with drawers and compartments for your dishware and table linen, with an elegantly glazed upper structure that's perfect for displaying your finest glassware and jugs. This synergy of visual appeal and ample storage ensures you have everything at your fingertips for both lavish spreads and intimate gatherings right in your dining room.