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TV & media furniture

A stylish and practical place to put your TV

The TV is often the centrepiece of your living room, so having a nice-looking TV bench makes sense. IKEA TV benches come in different styles and sizes, and are sturdy enough to hold a TV. Built-in cupboards and drawers means you can store games, consoles and controllers or hide unsightly cables.

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A TV sits on top of a black BESTÅ TV bench with a table lamp glowing warmly. Dogs toys are on the grey rug underneath.
Light streams into a large room with a sage green wall. A tv sits on a white VIHALS TV bench surrounded by shelving units.
A person sits on a floor cushion facing a tv that is positioned on a KALLAX white bench. To the right a plants hangs down.
A tv sits on a white BAGGEBO shelf close to the floor. There are shelves and a black and white print on the wall.
Next to a jute rug, is a close up of a LANESUND tv bench in wood. The shelving is open to show games, boxes and books.
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A new cabinet and TV bench to store and display in a simple way

The new SPIKSMED cabinet and TV bench make a big difference to your interiors with their quiet simplicity. With smart sizing and a simple design featuring sleek lines and a subtle colour, they’re just perfect for small spaces. Organise your things behind sliding doors for a serene and calm space.

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A light grey SPIKSMED cabinet, standing beside a TV bench, has its sliding doors open with a basket and storage boxes inside.
Two light grey SPIKSMED TV benches have a TV unit, remote control, wooden horse figures, books and a table lamp on top.
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A light room with a wall-mounted TV completely framed by a combination of BESTÅ cabinets and various decorations.

Create your favourite TV unit combination

Do you prefer a mix of colours or a sleek and clean monochrome look? The BESTÅ system offers so many options that you can combine to easily get the personal storage solution that’s right for your space.

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