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Cables & chargers

Our range includes numerous chargers and rechargeable batteries to help ensure your mobile phones and tablets don’t run out of juice quite so quickly. Whether it’s a wireless charger, USB charger or practical portable power bank, this is where your devices can recharge.

A LADDA rechargeable battery, HR06 AA, with a battery capacity of 1900mAh, is lying on a yellow surface.

IKEA is switching to rechargeable batteries

IKEA is switching from alkaline AA and AAA batteries to rechargeable ones. Find out more about LADDA rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and sustainability here.

See the LADDA guide

Desktop necessities for new students

Traditional items like a desk, chair and lamp combo are still important study buddies. Then again, today's students often require additional support. Be sure to bring the cords, chargers and gear to keep all screens running.

A desktop with a dark-grey LILLHULT USB-A-to-USB-C cord, a black NÄVLINGE LED work lamp and a black LIVBOJ wireless charger.
A dark-grey LILLHULT USB-A-to-USB-C cord connected to a black LIVBOJ wireless charger, both placed on a SUSIG cork desk pad.
Four LADDA rechargeable batteries in a STENKOL battery charger plugged into a socket on a white wall.

A LADDA rechargeable battery can be recharged at least 500 times.