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Work with us

We’re one big we at IKEA. A place where anyone can chip in an idea or bring their unique talent or experience to work. And there’s so much more to how we do it. We look out for each other; sit down as co-workers to see how we could improve our time together. We don’t just settle for the way things are. We question them, and even rebel against them for the better. So we’re always looking for people who think differently.

Work with Isabel, Joël, Gianni, Arlind, Cecile and Mónica

At IKEA you have the opportunity to write your own story. When you apply for a job with IKEA, you are applying to be part of a working environment that gives you the freedom to take your career into different areas, roles, positions, and locations. Ready to take the next step?

    Arlind tells his story - Warehouse Co-worker 

      Cecile tells her story - Sales Co-worker 

        Isabel tells her story - Customer Service Co-worker

          Monica tells her story - Interior Design Co-worker 

            Joël tells his story - Food Production Specialist 

              Gianni tells her story - Goods Flow Co-worker