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Blankets & throws

IKEA plaids and blankets for the best moments in life

Relaxing or snuggling down, and relishing the comfort - all while swaddled in IKEA's plaids and cosy blankets. Be it a warm fleece blanket for a touch of cottage charm during long evenings on the balcony or terrace, an elegant bedspread that invites you to unwind at any time of the day, or an elegant sofa throw that enhances your living space, indulge in our large woollen blankets for snug evenings, relaxation, and moments of inner peace. Experience what a cosy blanket can bring to a movie or series night. And what could be more delightful than offering your guests a beautiful blanket when they feel nippy or wish to settle in comfortably for a long evening? Here, you'll discover lovely plaids and fluffy blankets perfect for cosy, special moments in life.

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More optionsSANDBRODD Throw 130x170 cm

SANDBRODD Throw, beige, 130x170 cmSANDBRODD Throw, deep green, 130x170 cmSANDBRODD Throw, light pink, 130x170 cm

More optionsVALLKRASSING Throw 150x200 cm

VALLKRASSING Throw, grey-blue, 150x200 cm

More optionsHORNMAL Throw 130x170 cm

HORNMAL Throw, light pink, 130x170 cm

More optionsSPÖKSÄCKMAL Throw 130x170 cm

SPÖKSÄCKMAL Throw, blue, 130x170 cm

More optionsSLÅNSPINNMAL Throw 130x170 cm

SLÅNSPINNMAL Throw, off-white/red-brown, 130x170 cm

More optionsVÅRELD Bedspread 150x250 cm

VÅRELD Bedspread, dark grey, 230x250 cmVÅRELD Bedspread, white, 150x250 cmVÅRELD Bedspread, white, 230x250 cm

More optionsULLTISTEL Throw 130x170 cm

ULLTISTEL Throw, red-brown/white, 130x170 cm

More optionsDYTÅG Throw 130x170 cm

DYTÅG Throw, dark blue, 130x170 cmDYTÅG Throw, grey-green, 130x170 cmDYTÅG Throw, off-white, 130x170 cm

More optionsMYRULL Throw 130x170 cm

MYRULL Throw, light brown, 130x170 cm
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Enjoy a blend of comfort and luxury with IKEA plaids and blankets

Did you know that the origin of plaids can be traced back to Scotland? There, the ample throws adorned with traditional tartan patterns served not just as blankets but also as throws - a classic piece that has endured to this day. Our plaids cater to the need for snug, warm and superior-quality blankets that are, nevertheless, not as thick (and heavy) as typical blankets. Our plaids are crafted from premium materials like cotton with meticulously crafted loving details. Be it shape or colour, pattern or accents, we have throws to complement your home. Also part of the IKEA collection: an extensive range of cosy blankets. Some of these are thicker than plaids and hence suitable as secondary blankets in the bedroom when the temperatures drop. How about a bed throw that gives your bed a beautiful silhouette during the day and entices you to sink into the pillows for a moment of relaxation? Or perhaps a plush living room blanket that is so generously sized that it can accommodate three people? Whether it's a pyjama party, a family snuggle session or a thrilling movie night where comfort is key, consider our woollen blankets, fleece blankets and plaids.

Experience unmatched versatility with our fluffy blankets: Perfect for summer and winter

Discover the multifunctional charm of our weighted blankets and plaids, designed for more than just warmth. How about our thin, large plaids as stylish new throws for your couch or sofa? Simply tuck them into the upholstery to transform your seating area into a chic, cosy retreat. Meanwhile, our bedspreads can also double as temporary play rugs for children, providing a soft island amidst cold tile or hard parquet floors. But bear in mind they might be slightly slippery for toddlers.

Our IKEA plaids and blankets also serve brilliantly as picnic blankets, making them perfect companions for outings to the lake or forest. Their high-quality craftsmanship and durable materials ensure they can endure various conditions - even rough grasses can't damage them.

Mastering the art of maintenance: Caring for IKEA woollen blankets and plaids

No matter whether it's a sofa blanket, fleece blanket, plaid or woollen blanket, with proper care, your IKEA bedroom textiles can provide comfort and style for years to come. Many of our blankets are low-maintenance, suitable for machine washing at low temperatures on a delicate cycle. Some, however, may require hand washing, but a gentle clean at around 40 degrees is usually enough.

If you're short on drying space or don't have the option to hang the blankets out, a room door might just do the trick. Simply drape the blanket over the door and flip it every hour to ensure even drying. Remember to maintain good ventilation in the room. The best part? One of the standout features of our plaids and blankets is their quick-drying nature, keeping your comfort uninterrupted.