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Home electronics

Air purifiers for better air quality indoors

Want to improve the air quality in your home? Air purifiers help filter dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. And if you have the IKEA Home smart system, you can even control STARKVIND air purifiers the super easy way with your phone.

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A MALM bed sits in front of a window near a NORDLI chest of 4 drawers with a FÖRNUFTIG air purifier on top.
A black STARKVIND air purifier stands on an off-white STOENSE rug at the end of a light grey SLATTUM upholstered bed.
A person looks out through a glass door in a blue wall on which a white FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is mounted.
A white STARKVIND air purifier stands partly on a beige BRÖNDEN rug beside a NESTTUN bed with light blue BLÅVINDA bed linen.
A couple of books and a vase with flowers stand on top of a stained oak veneer/white STARKVIND table with air purifier.
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A new air purifier that’s easy to move around your home

The UPPÅTVIND air purifier is small, light and has a handle that makes it super easy to carry from room to room. Why not bring it with you to enjoy better indoor air quality in your kitchen, living room and bedroom, for example?

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A white UPPÅTVIND air purifier stands on a white surface next to a dried plant that is standing in a vase.
A white UPPÅTVIND air purifier lies on a table with pieces of fabric, a spool of thread and some buttons.
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Home electronics made chic

Light, sound, action. With the SYMFONISK speaker lamp you can have it all – and now it comes with a new rattan shade. Natural and musical, what’s not to love?

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A hand holds a sound remote next to the SYMFONISK bamboo shade on a black speaker lamp.
A SYMFONISK bamboo shade on a black speaker lamp base sits on a table. A rattan mirror is on the wall behind.
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Celebrating a life event? IKEA can help.

Whether you're moving into your first home, starting a new life together with your special someone, or about to welcome a new little bundle of joy. IKEA can help you create your own gift registry. Then you can share it with friends and family and celebrate your special milestone together.

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Stay connected when you’re apart

You’re never far away from family and friends. With everything you need always at hand and safely charged, you’re as close to them as you are to your home.

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A mobile phone lies on top of a white LIVBOJ wireless charger on a kitchen worktop between a laptop and bowls of food.
A person sitting on a sofa in a living room and using a laptop which is on a black BRÄDA laptop support.
A mobile phone lies on top of the base of a NYMÅNE work lamp with wireless charging which is standing on a table.
A NÄVLINGE LED work lamp stands on a desk near a LIVBOJ wireless charger with a LILLHULT USB-A to USB-C cable attached to it.
A bamboo BERGENES holder for mobile phone/tablet sits on a desk holding a tablet near a diary, a pen and a mug.
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