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The IKEA catalogue and brochures

The IKEA catalogue is being discontinued – as one era comes to an end, a new era begins

  • After 70 years, the IKEA catalogue is being discontinued, and its final edition was published in 2021. You will still be able to find plenty of ideas for a beautiful home at and in our IKEA stores – probably more than we would even have found the space for in the catalogue. So you no longer have to order our IKEA catalogue or browse the IKEA online catalogue once a year. Just visit our website to discover everything that’s new.

    Our special brochures, however – such as the kitchens brochure, the bathrooms brochure, the wardrobe systems brochure and others – will still be available as digital versions further down this page.

  • Customer behaviour and media consumption have changed, and the IKEA catalogue has been used less and less. Our customers’ need for digital solutions is becoming ever greater, and we want to meet this need.

    Speaking of which: have you seen our new section on home tours, for example?

We present our new home tours section

Find inspiration from our home tours and stories and discover dream homes in a range of styles and sizes and to suit any budget. Or drop by and see our furniture up close and hands-on at the IKEA store of your choice.

More inspiration, ideas, solutions for your home and new products can be found here:

The bedroom of your dreams
Time for something new
Everything in just one day

IKEA Brochures

IKEA Brochures are not available in English. Discover our IKEA brochures in german, french, italian.

Currently, our brochures are being revised and will be available again soon. Until then, please visit our product pages for detailed product descriptions, assembly instructions, information on product series, additional designs and materials.

We thank you for your understanding.

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