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Garage storage

Make heavy lifting look effortless

With its stylish design in pine plywood and grey-green metal, the new BROR shelving unit cleverly hides its true strength. Perfect in the garage, bathroom, kitchen and pantry, it withstands moisture, dirt and heavy loads. Without ever complaining.

See the BROR system
A grey-green BROR shelving unit, holding an orange watering can by a dark blue wall. Next to the shelving unit is a bicycle.
BROR shelving units holding tyres, a hose and a toolbox, placed by a wall in a room with a blue wall and orange floors.
See the BROR system

A place with unlimited possibility

Not just a space for the car or where you leave stuff to gather dust, your garage can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether you want a gardening nook, a recycling station, a carpentry workshop, or just a really convenient place to store seasonal stuff, your garage potential is virtually limitless.

Secure your furniture to the wall

Make sure you properly fasten all large and tall furniture with the included wall-attachment devices. This is to prevent it from tipping over. Find out more about possible risk factors in the home and how you can avoid accidents.

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