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Vases & bowls

Vases in different sizes and shapes holding colourful flowers, all set on a table with a light tablecloth next to a window.

How to choose the right vase for your flowers

It’s all about proportions. A wide bouquet looks best in a wide vase – and then there are those vases that make a single long-stemmed flower stand out. Here are a few more tips for choosing the right vase.

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Fun, multifunctional accessories

A simple yet impactful vase

Let flowers be the star of the show with an elegant, understated vase. The graceful silhouette of GRADVIS vase complements the beauty of flowers. Its classical and delicate design makes it easy to fit into existing home interiors, too.

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A bunch of white flowers in a GRADVIS vase on a white cabinet, with another vase and a pile of books beside it.
    A white cabinet with colourful flowers on top, divided between two different GRADVIS glass vases and one KONSTFULL vase.
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