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Working from home

A flexible shared workspace at home with TROTTEN furniture

Place two compact desks side by side to create a professional-looking set-up. A double-sided noticeboard in between functions as a subtle divider, while providing a handy surface for pinned images (on one side) and scribbled reminders (on the whiteboard side). Add comfortable office chairs, roomy storage and work lamps and you’re all set.

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A living room with an office chair, lamps and two TROTTEN desks placed against each other with a noticeboard in the middle.
A TROTTEN noticeboard with “Call Tina” scribbled on the whiteboard surface, placed in between two desks.
See the TROTTEN system

Home workspace furniture and storage for easy coordination

TROTTEN system – Focus, collaborate and brainstorm with flexible and adaptable office furniture
BEKANT system – Flexible desk combinations and storage units with a sleek mesh design
FJÄLLBO series – Add vintage charm with shelving units and a laptop table inspired by industrial design
ALEX series – Desks and drawer units with a clean look that’s easy to mix with other styles
IDÅSEN system – Office storage and sit/stand desks in coated steel and with rounded details
LÅNGFJÄLL series – Customisable office chairs designed for comfort and style

A good desk chair makes all the difference

When you sit better, you work better. Wherever you work – in a separate room, a makeshift work nook in the hallway, or by the dining table – a good office chair that supports your body makes all the difference. And don’t just sit – it’s good to keep your body active, to take regular breaks, and to stand up and walk around every now and then.

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A hallway with two LILLÅSEN desks, two beige/white LÅNGFJÄLL office chairs, three pendants and different storage solutions.
A woman sitting on a black FLINTAN office chair by a grey sit/stand RODULF desk with a computer, and a drawer unit.
A blue BJÖRKBERGET swivel chair stands between RÖNNINGE birch chairs by a RÖNNINGE birch table, all placed on a TÅRBÄK rug.
A beige FLINTAN office chair standing by a desk with a dark-grey LAGKAPTEN tabletop in a room with framed art on the walls.
A person with a blue shirt and blue jeans sits on an anthracite ODGER swivel chair by a table.
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