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We can no longer escape "the new way of working". Increasing numbers of people are now working from home, making it all the more important that they have a nice workspace! Not everyone has a spare room to repurpose as an office. And you don't have to, because you can easily create a workplace in your living room or bedroom. Make your workplace as comfortable and stylish as possible with these tips!

Workplace inspiration
Workplace inspiration

A work surface that suits your interior

Start with your desk. Planning to work in your living room? Then why not choose a tabletop that matches your kitchen work surfaces? If you use the colours and materials of the kitchen in your workplace, you create a coherent overall look for the space. A dark kitchen worktop gives the room a classic and luxurious feel. In conjunction with the black industrial lamp, the overall look is rugged with plenty of light.

You are much more productive with good natural light. So make sure that your workplace is near a window".

Away with the workplace!

But what do you do with all that clutter and paperwork? And surely you don't want an ugly filing cabinet in your living room? Kitchen cupboards are a robust storage solution for your books and laptop! By using the same light shade on the cupboards and the desk, the room looks bigger and calmer. Hang the cupboard on the wall or mount it on legs to create an airy and open atmosphere in your workplace. Clearing your desk will make the room look less messy. And the next day, you'll feel energised to get back to work!