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Sterre Koning's teen bedroom

The multi-talented Sterre Koning has a lot of fans — and she's also a fan of IKEA. She gave us a tour of her room and shared her favourite IKEA accessories — to help you find the coolest items for your teen bedroom (or your child's, of course... )!.

Sterre's teen bedroom is in the attic of her parents' home. She keeps all her stuff organised in different cabinets: She stores her music things, such as her microphone, on top of one unit, and a drawer under her desk contains a number of cameras and school equipment. She keeps her desk clear using a desk tidy with various compartments — which will be perfect when she starts writing her first book in the near future.

Sterre's bed — her favourite spot in the room — is extra-cosy, with a nice duvet cover, cushions and a warm throw for cold winter months. Next to her bed is a sturdy black bedside table, which contrasts with the rest of the room to create exactly the kind of look that Sterre wanted!

Over the years, Sterre has been given all kinds of souvenirs and gifts from fans. Some of these are displayed in a large open shelving unit and some are stored in boxes under her bed. Handy!

About Sterre

The multi-talented Sterre Koning (16) is a singer, presenter, actress, dancer, model and guitar player. She keeps all her fans updated with what she's up to via her popular YouTube channel and Instagram account. Sterre is now in the fourth year of secondary school, but her career started at the age of 8, when she won the "Kinderen voor Kinderen" song festival and landed herself a place as a soloist in the Kinderen voor Kinderen choir. From then on, Sterre's career and popularity grew rapidly.

In addition to designing her own clothing line and releasing a solo single, she represented the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 and made it through to the semi-finals of last year's The Voice Kids. Sterre is now planning to release a book to summarise her adventures so far. The book is full of practical tips for girls and boys of her age that she hopes will inspire, help and challenge her peers.

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