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Living small — interior design tips — compact but cool — IKEA interior inspiration

This studio apartment certainly fits the description of "compact but cool". How do you fit a space to relax, cook, eat, sleep and work in just 15 m²? If you live small and can't just shut doors to hide things you don't want on view or to close off a room, then you need to combine functionality and style. Small living requires you to get creative. Here's how to give a studio apartment a smart industrial-style makeover!

Living small: Multifunctionality is key

If you use the (limited) space you have in many different ways, you will need multifunctional furniture. It's also important to assign everything has a fixed storage location. A sofa with extra storage space offers a solution for books, games or your shoe collection. A coffee table with wheels can also be used as an extension to the dining table and as storage for throws and magazines. The dining table is extendable and also acts as a desk.

Use your height

Use the height of the room to create floor space. Store things you don't use every day in a high cabinet on the wall. This might include things like winter clothing, bedding or Christmas decorations. Keep everything you need frequently within easy reach. If you have a really high ceiling, consider a mezzanine to use as a sleeping area and as storage space for clothes.

Industrial edge

Combine steel and untreated wood: These materials are not only practical and highly functional, but they also give the space a rugged industrial look. Since your space is small and lots of your belongings will be on display, a sober colour palette (such as black, grey and white) creates a calming effect. You can choose to add a cool statement design to the floor or a wall. An industrial style needn't feel cold and unwelcoming. Make it warm and homely by adding textiles, natural materials and plants.

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