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The Scandinavian interior style is built around three basic principles: simplicity, functionality and beauty. This British design duo share how to create this look in your home. Check it out…

Scandinavian interior with seating area, dining table and kitchen in white and grey tones

This spotlight is special: Not only because of the interior design on show, but also because of its location. In the 19th century, this property housed the engineering firm that drew up some of the original drawings for the Titanic. Fortunately, this inspiring building has managed to stay above water…

Scandinavian interior with child on light grey sofa

Make space for less

Think about your kitchen — it's full of stuff, including essentials like plates, cups and storage jars. "There are all kinds of things that are used every day that we do not want to show. We love 'less is more', so hidden storage options ensure that the kitchen and dining area don't look messy", says Bobby.

Create a cosy workspace

What use is a home office if you don't feel at home in it? Fiona and Bobby deliberately choose to work in the living room. They have two large tables so that they have plenty of space.

Make your home hygge

Turn your living room into a space to come together, inspired by the Danish hygge lifestyle. Fiona and Bobby both have their own companies and their young son Stanley (3) is just about to start pre-school. "We get a lot of use out of our new sofa in the evenings. It's a welcoming spot that brings us together and helps us relax", says Fiona.

Mix old & new

A Scandinavian interior does not have to be completely new. "Our dining table is an industrial table from the seventies. It came from the university where Bobby and I studied. There are still remnants of chewing gum on the bottom! It means a lot to us to have this here at home", says Fiona.

Wonderful walls

Put memories and family moments in the spotlight. Photos and Fiona's wedding dress give this staircase a meaningful personal touch.

A relaxing bedroom

Continue to aim for minimalist in the bedroom too. Focus on light textiles for the summer. "For us, comfort is not only physical or emotional, it is also very visible. We love a layered look, for example using blankets and bed linen, so that the room looks more comfortable," says Fiona.


Make it easy for children to be curious and explore different types of play, including role play, creativity and building. Make sure there is plenty of storage space for your child's things.

Must-haves for a Scandinavian interior

Fiona and Bobby

How to look at your interior like a designer

1. Find a compromise
Fiona and Bobby did not agree on their interior design preferences when they first moved in together. But by choosing a Scandinavian style and a single colour, they made it work.

2. Think about lighting
Pay attention to how the light moves through the room to determine where to put the furniture", advises Fiona. "Put your breakfast table, for example, where the morning light shines through."

3. Use black to grab attention
The black table creates balance and is a focal point in the space. Be courageous enough to incorporate a statement piece like this.

4. Invest in quality
Don't buy anything without really thinking about it first. Fiona and Bobby set themselves targets then buy the things they love as a reward.

Want more inspiration from Fiona and Bobby? Take a look at their website!

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