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Leather details — tips — interior — IKEA interior inspiration

Leather is a material that gets more beautiful with time, lending a tough, natural and distinctive look to your furniture and accessories. There are lots of reasons to incorporate more leather into your interior. With this easy do-it-yourself project, we show you how easy it is to add leather details to your home.

Making handles

Give your cushion covers a new look, add handles to the GADDIS basket or hang some wall shelves on leather brackets. You'll soon see how easy it is to create a cool artisan look!

Measure, cut & screw

Measure the desired length of leather strip, cut to size, make a hole with a hole punch and tighten the screws.

Reusing leather in this way lets you give a new lease of life to old leather belts. Combine black and brown vintage belts for a cool look. This is a great way to incorporate leather into your interior. And it's very sustainable too!


Leather bracket — DIY — interior tips — IKEA interior inspiration

Leather bracket

This EKBY HEMNES shelf is hung on leather brackets that are screwed to the wall. Make sure you choose the right plugs for attaching the bracket to your wall. These brackets are perfect for industrial-style spaces, and they look great in Scandi-design interiors, too!