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Got some furniture that is in desperate need of a little lift? Let your creativity run wild and give your old furniture a new lease of life! These simple tricks will refresh your furniture and give your room a whole new look.

Wrap it up

Give your dining room chairs a makeover! A quick lick of paint is all it takes to make chairs look like new! Want to add a few extra details? Try tying some cotton twine around the chair. Here we've used a thicker twine for a rugged, contemporary look.


You can give old tablecloths a creative makeover with tie dye.


More colour!

Ready to do away with neutrals and add a splash of colour to your home? Dye old cotton fabrics in various patterns and colours. With traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, you can add fascinating patterns to old fabrics.

Get creative with water-based paints

How to

Turn, fold, bind, or apply pressure to the fabric and dip it in the dye. Experiment with scrap cotton to see what pattern you like best. The result will be completely unique to you!


Get creative

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