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Living room styles — ELLE Decoration — IKEA interior inspiration

Together with Elle and ELLE Decoration, we've put together an overview of the latest trends for you. Over the next few weeks, we'll show you how to express your unique personal style in your home. In each video, one piece of furniture takes the starring role — but in two totally different styles. This time, the sofa is in the spotlight. Everyone has their own unique style — and you can use just one item to express yourself in so many different ways!

How do you adapt the latest trends for your own interior? Just express yourself! Always wanted to give floral wallpaper a try? Perhaps you'd like to experiment with colour in the living room? Or maybe you dream of a serene home office. This week, we're sharing plenty of living room inspiration. The VIMLE sofa plays the starring role in the living room — in the Modern Nomad and Colour Blocking styles. Which is your favourite?

    Modern Nomad

    One for the bohemians; the people who can go anywhere, do anything, and make any place a home. The Modern Nomad living room is full of natural colours and materials, combined with two accent colours, such as green and red. In Colour Blocking, on the other hand, the more colour, the better — but the room is finished with toned-down colours like beige and grey. This style gives you a chance to go wild with travel souvenirs and cool vintage finds, such as a 1970s wall hanging.

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    Colour Blocking

    For daring types, there's no such thing as too much. As the name suggests, Colour Blocking uses blocks of colour — and this is a rule that you can apply rather literally. Don't be afraid to grab a paint brush and let your creativity run wild on the wall, because a sophisticated palette of colours will only enhance your interior. Over the top is good, but stay away from prints. Opt for single-colour furniture and accessories, but explore beyond the primary colour palette. Perhaps consider the popular shades of the fifties, instead: Who says you can't have a fuchsia cushion on a turquoise sofa next to an ochre yellow sideboard? With a Colour Blocking living room, you can inhabit your own work of art.

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