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ENHET kitchen & bathroom series - available now

Hej, I'm ENHET!

I'm new around here but I can fit right in. I’m the adaptable type, great right out of the box – good looking and capable. Your perfect match, you might say. I am more open than most, but with hidden spaces (call me an extroverted introvert). I’m happy in your kitchen or your bathroom. I’m easy-going, have a smashing price and have the stamina to grow with you – cross my heart for 10 years (guaranteed).

  • ENHET kitchen and bathroom series
  • Choose an existing combination or design your own kitchen or bathroom
  • ENHET will fit any space, especially if you have limited space in the city
  • Possibilities for open and closed storage
  • Easy to assemble: you just need two hands and a screwdriver
  • Easy to take apart and put together again, so you can expand your kitchen or take it to a new house
  • 10 years warranty
  • ENHET is available now