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Solar panels IKEA

discount on solar panels ikea

Generating sustainable energy yourself is a piece of cake. Use the solar calculator to calculate how much energy IKEA solar panels will produce on your roof. Before you know it, you're shining like the sun - when you look at your energy bill.

✓ Expert installation
✓ Lower energy bill
✓ Extended warranty
✓ 15% discount for IKEA Family members*

*Become a member here for free


Enter your address in the solar calculator and click on the corners of the roof where you want to place the panels. You will immediately see a calculation of the total price and the expected electricity yield of all our types of solar panels.

*Calculator in Dutch only

The benefits

zonnepanelen ikea

Save money

With solar panels on the roof of your house, you can easily save up to 500.- on your annual energy bill. They last for an average of 40 years, so you do the math!

zonnepanelen ikea


There is no need to climb on the roof yourself, because IKEA has been working with SVEA Solar for years. This reliable partner takes care of everything for you, from quotation to installation.

zonnepanelen ikea

Clean energy

With solar panels, you can generate your own sustainable energy. You reduce your CO2 emissions enormously. Super good to reduce your ecological footprint!

6 steps to a more sustainable home

1. Let's calculate

Calculate the costs and energy yield of solar panels with the solar calculator.

2. Online appointment

In an online appointment we learn your wishes and the different options.

3. Non-obligatory quotation

After the online appointment you will receive a free quote. Do you accept the quote? Then we will make an agreement.

4. Installation

Together with our solar partner we install the solar panels at your home.

5. Connecting to the network

We'll sign a contract with a network operator.

6. Energy

From now on you can enjoy solar energy with your own solar panels.

Types of solar panels

solar panels ikea basic

A ready-made package including installation and warranty

  • Blue polyp panels
  • 8 pieces
  • Including guarantees and installation on the roof up to the fuse box
  • Monitor yield on matching app
  • Full VAT refund

IKEA Family price after tax refund:

€ 2599.-

IKEA Family price incl. VAT: € 3145.-*

solar panels ikea plus

A custom-made package with more power and options

  • Full black monopanels
  • 8 pieces
  • Including guarantees and installation on the roof up to the fuse box
  • Monitor yield on matching app
  • Everything will be taken care of for you

IKEA Family price after tax refund:

€ 2999.-

IKEA FAMILY price incl. VAT: € 3629.-*

solar panels ikea design

A custom-made design, integrated in your roof

  • Roof-integrated black monopanels
  • 8 pieces
  • Including guarantees and installation on the roof up to the fuse box
  • Monitor yield on matching app
  • Everything will be taken care of for you

IKEA Family price after tax refund:

€ 4565.-

IKEA FAMILY price incl. VAT: € 4824.-*

Solar panels offer

ikea family discount on solar panels at ikea

Choose solar energy to generate clean energy and save money. IKEA Family members get a 15% discount on the total price. Not a member yet? Sign up here for free.


"I am very satisfied with the company that installed and installed the solar system. The solar system works perfectly and the app makes it easy to see the yield per day, month and year." - Ronald Alderhof, Ugchelen

"I was looking for a TV cabinet on the IKEA website and saw by coincidence information about solar panels and without having to think about it for long I ordered them. Super satisfied and very happy with it. It is a great investment which contributes to a good environment and also benefits your wallet." - Eloi Zieltjens, Tilburg

"The settlement of the tax part was very clear. If I would buy new solar collectors again, I will certainly do it again through IKEA. A very good experience." - J.W.R. Heijnen-Leerentveld, Nieuw-Dordrecht


IKEA works with SVEA Solar. SVEA Solar is one of the largest and longest operating companies in the solar industry. Since 1998 it has been one of the most reliable and respected companies in the world of solar panels.

Call 0800-7110 or mail for a proposition.

Frequently asked questions about solar panels

  • How long does the process take?

    The process takes 8 to 10 weeks from the moment you apply for the solar panels.
  • How long will my solar panels last?
    Our solar panels are wear-resistant and can withstand different weather conditions. The system is designed to generate electricity for at least 40 years.
  • Should my roof be south-facing?
    No, the roof does not need to be south-facing. Even if it is more profitable. We also provide installations on roofs facing west and east. Calculate here what your house can yield.
  • Do solar panels need a lot of maintenance?
    Solar panels require very little maintenance. We recommend that they be cleaned every two years to prevent them from losing part of their production capacity.
  • Why did you choose SVEA Solar?
    We organised a selection process: we asked a lot of companies to work with us and asked them to give us their best price. We also asked them to provide additional guarantees and the best conditions for our customers. Solarcentury came out on top.
  • Do I need a large roof?
    No, our smallest system is designed for small roofs. Use a calculator to check whether it is worth the investment.
  • Do solar panels generate heat on my roof or in the attic? Is there a fire risk?
    The panels generate some heat, but not so much that it goes through the roof and can be felt in the attic. The risk of fire is very low; fire is usually the result of a non-compliant installation. That is why we choose our installers with care.
  • Buying solar panels at IKEA, how does it work?
    The solar panels are delivered and installed on your roof. You don't have to transport or install them. We offer a turnkey solution and take care of everything. These are the steps that need to be taken:

    1. Make your own price estimate on our website.
    2. In a telephone conversation with SVEA Solar you will discuss the characteristics of your roof and your electricity consumption. On the basis of this information, they will draw up the actual quotation.
    3. As soon as you accept the offer, SVEA Solar will visit your home for a short technical evaluation, to check whether your roof is in good condition and your electricity installation is sufficiently recent.
    4. You then agree with them on a date for the installation.
    5. SVEA Solar also takes care of the registration of your solar panels and the subsidy application.

  • What is the difference between the different systems you offer?
    BASIC: This is a standard system package that is easy to install on most sloping roofs. The package includes a standard configuration of the components, the installation, the service and the guarantees for a fixed price. It is a ready-made low priced solar energy package.

    PLUS: This is a customizable system design that optimizes the configuration of the panels according to your roof and your needs. This means that we design our system in such a way as to optimise energy production and maximise your investment. The system can also be adapted for complex roof structures and additional elements can be added.

    DESIGN: A discreet solar panel system that integrates nicely into your roof and looks like a roof window. An elegant, aesthetic solution that offers the same personalisation and additional elements as the PLUS range, but also improves the look of your home.

  • What is the difference between the different panels you offer?
    Under the heading "types of solar panels" we will explain the differences between the panels we offer.
  • Do I still get an electricity bill if I have solar panels?
    Yes, you still get an electricity bill, but it will be lower.

  • How does the partnership with SVEA Solar work?
    IKEA has chosen SVEA Solar to supply IKEA with solar panels. Together we have selected packages that are tailored to your home and your budget. The installation is managed by SVEA Solar from A to Z and you buy your system from them. SVEA Solar also provides after-sales service.

  • Do solar panels also work when it is cold or cloudy?
    Solar panels also produce energy on cloudy days. Even when it's cloudy, a location usually gets more than two hours of sunlight a day. Solar panels also work well on cold days. They need sun to produce electricity, not heat.

  • How can I contact SVEA Solar ?
    You can contact Solarcentury on 0800-7110.