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After rains comes sunshine, right? The cold days are over, that means sunny weather and brighter days. It's time to clean up the mess you have made during the winter. The end result will be worth it!

cleaning-up-winter-mess-IKEA living inspiration

Tidy is neat

A tidy house not only ensures peace and space in your interior, but certainly also in your head. An annoying job, but oh so grateful when you're done with sorting out the drawers cupboards and corners. The most important tip when cleaning up: Go thoroughly and critically through your entire interior. Drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard. Ask yourself: What do I realllly need? Have I used this in the past year? If the anser is no, throw it away! Keep two garbage bags handy. One for waste and the other for donation. Who knows, maybe can you still make someone else happy with it! Friends, family, and the thrift store are always good options! #recycle

shelving unit- cleaning-up -IKEA living inspiration
Shelving unit- cleaning-IKEA living inspiration
Shelving unit- IKEA living inspiration
The wooden shelving unit and the playful different levels give something functional and a stylish effect to your interior.

Interior designer katie

Cleaning for beginners: the shelving unit

Be aware of the mess! The way to put important or precious, yet things that tend to be lying around. We introduce ... the open shelving cabinet! And then we hear you think: "Don't open cupboards look more messy?" Not if you add a touch of styling!

For example, sort by colour. The real mess makers such as paper are carefully stored with small storage boxes and baskets. In this way they are not only sorted to perfection, but also out of sight.

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