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Exploring ASMR: The Audio-Visual Sleeping Pill for your Mind

    Have you ever felt the fuzzy experience of a tingling sensation through the back of the head towards the spine? This spark of relaxation flowing through your body? The calmness, that manifests within your soul? Some of us might have experienced this sensation when using one of those scalp scratch devices that look like mechanical spiders from future’s past. Others find that feeling by listening to the many ASMR videos that are floating around the internet. “ASMwhat now?”, you might ask and I’m happy to explain.

    ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” – a technique that is supposed to make you feel relaxed while giving you this tingling sensation. So-called ASMRtists produce videos with the use of highly sensitive microphones, which gives the ASMR videos their signature whispering quality. These videos offer all kinds of auditory and visual triggers to evoke a positive response in the viewers. Some of these triggers are soft whispers, relaxing hand movements, gentle tapping of objects or skin but also lip smacking and the noise of chewing food. It solely depends on what purpose the ASMR-Experience serves. And mostly, what ASMR-audiences are looking for when they tune into an ASMR-Experience, is someone who helps them fall asleep. The sounds’ effect on your brain are wonderfully conductive to falling asleep.

    For our exploration into the world of ASMR, we will focus on videos that should do exactly that: help you fall asleep. Get your headphones ready and dive into our never-ending ASMR bedtime story, presented by two dear ASMRtists as well as yours truly, your Chief of Sleep. Enjoy a half-computer-generated text written by Kathrin Passig and Gregor Weichbrodt, that follows an IKEA-customer as she is trying to load all her findings from the store onto her bike. Will she succeed? And will you fall asleep while listening to her story? Get cozy in bed and find out for yourself.

      Edition 1: Gina Carla’s ASMR bedtime story in an empty IKEA

        Edition 2: A Non-German speaking German to help you sleep by ASMRbylisa

          Edition 3: The Chief of Sleep tries to do her very own ASMR video