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Everyone needs a good sleeping environment and a restful night’s sleep. Our quilts are soft, made to high quality standards and precisely adapted to meet your needs. They come in warm, extra-warm and cool versions, as well as smart all-season quilts to cover you through the whole year.

Everyone likes a different type of duvet. Some of us want to feel weighed down with a warm and heavy duvet, others prefer their duvets cool and lightweight. A good duvet will be made from breathable material to keep you dry and your temperature steady throughout the night. The perfect duvet will also feel ‘just right’ in terms of weight, size and form. Sounds like a lot to consider? Fortunately, we offer duvets for every preference – ensuring you’ll find one with just the right weight, warmth and ventilation for you.

Summer duvet – a duvet for each season?

During the summer and spring, the temperature normally rises. This can naturally affect your sleep by making you feel too hot under your regular duvet. Even though a good duvet helps absorb moisture, breathes and offers good ventilation it can still insulate too efficiently for a warm night. A good solution is to have a cooler summer duvet that helps you keep the cosy feeling of wrapping yourself in a quilt, but without making you feel overheated. Choose one of our cooler duvets as a summer duvet if you know that you tend to sweat and get hot during warmer nights.

Chose the right material and filling

Except choosing the warmth rating of your duvet you can also choose between different materials with different advantages and characteristics.

Cotton, polyester, lyocell and polypropylene mixes

Some of our quilts have soft fibre filling made of mixes of cotton, polyester and/or polypropylene. These fibres are light and easily maintain their volume and ability to insulate. They also allow your body to breathe which helps you maintain an even temperature all through the night. Lastly, quilts made in these material mixes are easy to wash in high temperatures that kill dust mites.

Duck down and feather

Duck down and feathers are well known for their insulating abilities. A duvet filled with down and feathers will keep you warm while the quilt stays light, fluffy and soft. And it can also be washed at high temperatures to kill dust mites, and even tumble dried.

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