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What’s new in the IKEA range

What's new in the IKEA range? Discover many new IKEA products and lots of clever ideas and practical solutions for your home. Explore our new furniture, furnishing, and decorative elements in fresh designs and be inspired by the new IKEA collections and series. There's something for every style and taste.

Instant calm with our new scented candles

We have teamed up with Ilse Crawford on a new home fragrance range enriched with warm and woody organic notes.

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An ENSTAKA scented candle in a glass container stands on a pink marbled surface with a flower-shaped shadow.
ADLAD, HEDERSAM and ENSTAKA scented candles in jars stand on a marbled floor with flower-shaped shadows.
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Welcome a new kitchen that is made to last

This season, we are celebrating quality materials like oak that will withstand everyday wear and tear.

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Part of a wall in a kitchen with cabinets and drawers with VEDHAMN glass doors and drawer fronts and a large plant.
Part of a kitchen with drawers and cabinets with VEDHAMN drawer fronts and glass doors, and tableware in the cabinets.
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