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Guest beds & daybeds

Our collection of twin and full size daybeds offer versatile and practical options for those with limited space, providing a stylish sofa or during the day and a comfortable full size bed at night. Most models feature built-in storage drawers to keep your belongings neatly organized and out of the way, making our day beds the ultimate in space saving solutions. All designs in our selection also make ideal guest beds if you have visitors who need a cozy place to sleep.

Day beds make practical use of your space

Can’t fit a sofa and a bed in the same room? With a daybed you can have the best of both worlds since you can easily switch the same piece of furniture between sofa and bed by just moving a few cushions around. Don’t know where to stuff duvets, pillows and bed linen? Many of our daybeds have built in storage, like drawers, where you can easily fit all you need to transform the day bed into a comfortable bed.

Single or double guest bed?

Many of our daybeds can be made into either a single or a double bed so that you can make room for either one or two guests. During the day, when the daybed is doing it second job as a sofa, a double daybed doesn’t take up any more room than a single. This again makes good use of your space since you can have two guests stay over without their beds taking up any more room than one, at least as long as it isn’t in use as a bed.

A day bed as a permanent solution

If you’re into compact living and have difficulties fitting both a sofa and a bed in your living space – but still want both – a daybed could be a good solution. Many of our daybeds can be used with many of our different mattresses. This means that you don’t have to miss out on comfort even though you sleep in a daybed instead of a “normal” bed.