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Kids beds

When the big day comes for your child to move out of their crib, our kids beds are a great fit. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, and some are extendable to keep up with your growing child. Trust IKEA to find the perfect kids bed with our collection of high quality options.

Beds for growing kids

Our kids beds come in a wide range of styles and colors, and some are extendable to keep up with your growing child.

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Kids bedframe with penguin comforter and a play table nearby with an octopus soft toy sitting on chair
Kids loft bed with various soft toys and a child laying while listening to headphones
See all kids beds

Revive your child’s room with a loft bed

From desks to shelves and more, our range of loft beds come with lots of built-in extras to help with daily activities like schoolwork and hobbies. So when the new school year gets going, your child can focus on all the things they need – and love – to do without losing any space.

A white SMÅSTAD loft bed with desk with an illuminated white KRUX LED work lamp on it and an ÖRFJÄLL swivel chair in front.
A child sits at a desk under a VITVAL loft bed surrounded by posters, beside personal items hanging on a SKÅDIS pegboard.

Kids beds for all ages

Want to make bedtime struggles a thing of the past? With playful toddler beds and modern kids’ beds, getting your kids to sleep might get a little easier. Make their rooms a wonder of imagination, fun and creativity with pleasant colors and smart solutions. That way, your kids can have a space they’ll truly enjoy, no matter their age. 

We want to help make the transitions from cribs, to toddler beds, to larger children's beds, as smooth as possible. That's why we have a wide range of options for children of all ages. 

When should you switch to a toddler bed?

When is the right time to make the transition from a crib to a toddler bed? No one can say for certain since every child is different. But at around 18 months is usually the starting point. If you’re unsure, you’ll notice by the fact that your baby will be outgrowing the size of the bed. Or, if the little one is starting to try and climb out of it, that’s a sure-fire sign to go for an upgrade.

When that moment arrives, invest in a toddler bed that eases the transition for your baby. Something that’s comfortable and safe, while at the same time allowing your child to grow into the world at a sensible pace. That way, both the baby and the family can sleep peacefully at night.

Moving on to kids’ beds offers a lot of options

Making the transition from a toddler bed to a larger kid’s bed usually starts around the age of four to five. So if your kid is ready to sleep through the night in something bigger, there are a lot of styles and solutions to choose from.

If you’re in need of storage in your child’s room, there are many ways to get some built into the bed. You can get a single bed with drawers underneath, which offers a neat way to keep things tidy. You can keep the pyjamas, toys and books out of sight but close at hand.

There are also loft beds, which can free up a lot of space underneath. Make it the perfect area for homework with a desk or add a wardrobe for maximum clothing storage.

Bunk beds can be a perfect option for siblings who share a room, as these beds for kids maximizes the space available. Here, you also have the option of getting one with an added underbed, creating an extra sleeping area. Something that’ll definitely be practical for all of the sleepovers that are sure to come.