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Throw pillows

From keeping you and your family comfortable every day, to easily injecting seasonal style in your space, throw pillows are a home decor workhorse. But these cozy cushions take their tasks in stride with effortless good design. IKEA offers an always-fresh selection of accent pillows in solids and prints that span the style rainbow, with tempting textures, plush filling and easy-care fabrics. So go ahead and throw a few in your cart—your couch will thank you!

Throw pillows designed for real life

At IKEA, you won’t only find the best colors, patterns and styles of throw pillows—you’ll find pillows you can actually use! We understand that in today’s busy homes, there simply isn’t room for delicate living room pillows that no one is allowed to touch. But we also understand you don’t want to be confined to boring bolsters, lackluster lumbar pillows and sad sofa throw pillows. 

So we craft couch pillows that are as design-forward as they are durable, in everyday favorite colors, and the hottest hues and punchiest prints of the season. Our throw pillows might be yawn-inspiring when it comes to comfort, but never to style.

Accent pillows that pop

We like to think of accent pillows as the jewelry of furniture, with the exception being there’s no such thing as a sofa wearing too many pillows—in our opinion, at least! Whether you simply can’t get enough color or prefer a modern, minimalist look, our selection has you and your furniture comfortably covered. 

For an artsy, creative look, mix things up with a medley of prints and solids in different shades and shapes. Want to keep a more neutral look? Consider primarily solid colored accent pillows with one patterned or bold accent pillow for a pop of personality—that’s your party pillow! Change your mind tomorrow? Not a problem. Throw pillows are easy to switch up regularly, keeping your couch feeling fresh for an instant new look.