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Home office

How to set up a home office.

How to set up a home office

Where do you work best? Whatever your preference, the tips that follow will help you to set up a comfortable home of­fice (and keep you performing like a pro).

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Inspirational home office ideas

Every idea within reach

Welcome to the season of a more organized workspace.

See all paper & media organizers
See all paper & media organizers

Get inspired by our top series for work, study and hobbies

The right furnishings in the right place can turn a job into a holiday and a new hobby into a life-long passion.

ALEX series.
ALEX series
IDÅSEN series.
IDÅSEN series
MICKE series.
MICKE series

Quick guides to a more sustainable home

Create the perfect home office setup with IKEA computer desks, chairs, filing cabinets and everything else you need to keep you organized and focused. Shop our best sellers, which are affordable office solutions to get the job done right or create the perfect office gaming setup with LED lights, gaming chairs, and desks that can support up to 3 monitors at once.

Get creative with your own build or get inspiration from our favorite series to help create a variety of looks. Our setups are perfect for cable management, adjustability, and durability that'll last!