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Kids' loft beds & bunk beds

Our bunk and loft beds make the most of your bedroom’s horizontal and vertical space. Loft bunk beds use that extra space to sleep a second person, while traditional loft designs give you more room to work, play or simply kick back in your waking hours in the space beneath the elevated bed. These designs are best-suited for children, teens and solo sleepers, with the twin loft bunk bed size being the most common and popular. 

Try a loft bed for space-maximizing style

If space is limited, why not aim high when it comes to sleep and leave the floor space for living? Fitting a desk or sofa under a loft bed, or just going for a bunk bed with the bottom bunk as a chill-out zone doubles up the use of the space, as well as lifting the look into cool and cozy all in one.

A white/light gray VITVAL bunk bed with seven cushions in various earth color covers and a GUNNEMOR throw on the lower bed.
A VITVAL loft bed in a beige bedroom with a sofa and BURVIK side table underneath, and rails holding clothes to one side.

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Loft bunk beds make smart use of space

When you need to sleep two or more people separately in the same room, our sturdy bunk beds make an excellent choice. With space for one twin mattress in the lower bunk and another in the upper twin loft bunk bed, your kiddos will have more room to read, play and relax in their waking hours. Some styles even feature a pull-out bed beneath to sleep a third person, perfect for sleepovers or even pets!

A loft bunk bed helps keep your sleep space a sanctuary

Our traditional loft beds are a great choice for any small apartment, but can be especially useful for maintaining the privacy (and cleanliness) of your sleep space in a studio apartment.

Anyone who has navigated living in a studio apartment is all too aware of the many pros and cons. Given the tight quarters, it’s not uncommon for guests to sit down or throw their things on the bed. While this won’t bother everyone, it’s understandable that not everyone wants their bed treated as a sofa.

Thanks to its elevated design, a loft bunk bed gives you that needed space to dedicate to seating, whether you add an armchair, futon, or beanbag! Your guests will still feel welcome and relaxed, and you won’t have to worry that someone is going to spill their drink on your freshly washed sheets