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Twin size mattresses

The smallest mattress size that can comfortably sleep most single adults, the ever-popular twin size mattress is a favorite for children, teens, dorm rooms and small apartments. IKEA offers an array of firmness levels in spring, foam, memory foam and hybrid twin mattress styles. Not sure which to pick? Many of our twin size mattresses have hundreds of reviews, making an informed sleeping decision possible so you can rest easy—even before you go to bed! Browse our superior selection of affordable twin mattresses today for more comfortable nights ahead.

Transition from a toddler bed with a twin mattress

At 38” wide by 75” long, a twin mattress is a significant ‘big kid’ upgrade from a toddler bed that may last your little one through their teen years or even into adulthood. This is likely the first mattress they’ll get to help choose as well, so be sure to ask for their insight into what they find most comfortable.

Twin size mattresses are perfect for small and shared bedrooms

With children often occupying the smallest bedrooms in the home, space can be at a premium. Compared to a larger full size mattress, a twin mattress still offers plenty of space to stretch out without taking up the entire bedroom. This is especially important if two or more children share a bedroom and you need room for multiple single beds or bunk beds. It’s also helpful if your child needs room to relax, read children’s books and play with their toys and stuffed animals.

A twin size mattress is big city friendly

Teeny tiny apartments can exist in any setting, but are perhaps most common in large cities. With millions of people clamoring for their share of square footage, apartment bedrooms are often the smallest room in an already-small space. When every inch counts, a twin mattress gives you the comfort you need in the most petite mattress profile for adults.

As an added bonus, the smaller size of twin mattresses typically makes them much more lightweight than their full, queen and king size counterparts. That means when the time comes to move out of your tiny apartment into your next also-tiny apartment, you’ll have a much easier move.

Be sure to browse our twin size beds to go with your new twin bed mattress!