Twin beds

From traditional to modern, at IKEA you can find single bed frames with different looks. If you want to make more of your space, go for one with built-in storage or one that you can slide boxes underneath. There are also many different colors and materials, and some have that little extra room for another person – just in case!

Single beds with clever storage

Keep your bedding where you need it most. Right beneath the bed! Many of our single beds have clever storage options such as drawers built in the frame or the possibility to slide boxes underneath. In this way you can make the most of your bed space.

What about a sleepover?

Some of our single beds also have a possibility to accommodate another person, just in case. This is usually done by having another mattress in an underbed or stacked within the frame. Practical for expected or unexpected guests.

Single bed size

A single bed is normally 38 1/4 inches wide and 74 3/8 inches long. Keep in mind that the bed frame or bed base can be wider than the mattress width. Always make sure to measure the space you want to put your bed in carefully, and read the product descriptions and sizes, to be sure that your dream bed will fit. If you’re interested in a wider bed that’s more comfortable for two people, have a look at our wide selection of Full, Queen and King beds.