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UTÅKER Stackable bed, pine,

Price $ 249.00/2 pack
Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.

How to get it

When stacked, these 2 beds become a single bed or sofa. Unstacked, you get a double bed, corner sofa or spare bed for sleepovers. And, if you need space for yoga, just stack them again.

Article Number303.604.87

Product details

You can quickly convert the stacked beds into a double bed, twin beds or corner sofa.

The lightweight frames are easy to lift and move.

The compact design is perfect for tight spaces or under low ceilings, so you can make the most of your available space.

The stacked beds sit evenly since the upper bed has small plastic feet which fit into holes on the lower bed.

Untreated pine is a sustainable material with natural variations which gives every piece of furniture a unique look. With glazing paint, oil or paint, you can easily make the surface more durable – and your furniture more personal.


Henrik Preutz

  • Slatted bed base is included.

    Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.

    Can be used with up to 5" thick mattresses.

    2 straps with press studs prevent the beds from sliding apart when they are next to each other.

    May be completed with FIXA stick-on floor protectors to protect the underlying surface against wear.

    UTÅKER must be combined with two twin mattresses.

    The daybed must be combined with two twin mattresses. They are placed on top of each other when you use the daybed as a single bed, and next to each other when you use it as a double bed.

  • Material
    Bedside/ Head/footboard/ Leg/ Supporting rail:
    Solid pine
    Layer glued slats:
    Beech veneer, Birch veneer, Adhesive resin as coating
    100 % polyester

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

    Stains can be removed by using an eraser, fine sandpaper, soap, dishwashing detergent or paint thinner.

  • Stack max. 2 beds on top of each other.Do not place anything between the stacked beds that risks lifting the upper bed. For safety reasons it is important that all four legs of the upper bed are firmly placed into the holes of the lower bed.
  • Assembly instructionsUTÅKER Stackable bed303.604.87


Height, 2 beds: 18 1/8 "

Length: 76 3/4 "

Width: 39 3/8 "

Height: 9 "

Package quantity: 2 pack

Mattress length: 74 3/8 "

Mattress width: 38 1/4 "

  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    UTÅKERArticle Number303.604.87
    This product has multiple packages.

    Width: 9 ½ "

    Height: 4 "

    Length: 75 ¼ "

    Weight: 38 lb 2 oz

    Package(s): 1

    Width: 9 ½ "

    Height: 4 "

    Length: 75 ¼ "

    Weight: 38 lb 2 oz

    Package(s): 1


No instructions in packageMyraNice trundle, but neither carton contained an instruction sheet for us to know what parts are included4
Utaker BedKayGreat item to have5
Nice stackableElizabethEasy to put together, nice finish, stacked together it was taller than I expected.5
EZ PZAlliene G.So I can't speak to the longevity of this product as I just bought it. However, this is the easiest Ikea product I've ever put together. I did both beds in 2h and that included letting my 5 year old help, making and taking a lunch break and being generally distracted by two kids. I love the idea of this. Now we will see if it is as practical as it appears to be. It looks nice in our space, though we put a much thicker mattress on the top bed and that does make it quite tall, still works ok though.5
Guest bedsJenniferThese beds are perfect for a smaller bedroom or if you just don’t want a bigger bed taking up space. These give you options! I bought 8in memory foam mattresses and they are perfect for the frames!5
Great for little ones. HoldsGretheGreat for little ones. Holds their food well. Able to grab without too much spillage5
Quality stacked bedsScottThe beds are attractive and comfortable, and the stacking feature makes the flexible and easy to store. Good value for the price.4
Minimalist, neutral, organic looking platesABIGAILMinimalist, neutral, organic looking plates5
Wish it had a sturdyUDEEKSHAWish it had a sturdy headboard to go along4
Exactly what I wantedLuAnneExactly what I wanted5
Perfect for our needsSHERRYPerfect for our needs5
Broke in 30 daysJacquelyn O.The concept is really cool and it’s a nice clean look but one bed literally cracked in half after being together for less than 30 days. A 90 lb 11 year old sleeps on it. I’ve purchased other beds from IKEA and never experienced anything like that. It’s literally kindling now.1
Simple and versatileKristinaI love the ways you can use this frame, daybed, single twin, two twin beds, or attached as a king.5
GreatAlexisIts the perfect bed for my 8 year old. It’s an extra best for a sleepover. The building process was a little difficult as there is a specific side to build it or it wont be right. Solid pine, great buy5
Poorly produced - incredibly difficult to buildLaura M.I was extremely disappointed with my experience putting these together. The screw holes were much too small for the screws that need to be inserted, which resulted in my having to buy a drill (when the instruction manual said only a screwdriver was needed). Even with a drill, the screws wouldn't go in, so I also had to drill new holes in some cases, and in others just be "ok" with the screws not being secured as tightly as they should be. I could not believe how inconsistent the holes were in terms of whether or not they'd actually accommodate the screws that were provided. The beds are also much too heavy for it to be practical to switch their setup with any regularity: Two people are required to move a bed to be on top of or next to the other. I had hoped to regularly convert this from a daybed setup to a full-size bed setup, but as a single woman living alone, moving the bed back and forth in this way is not possible.1
UsefulXIIt’s set for my daughter daybed. She loves play with her friends and for sleep over.5
Great for when our grandchildrenpatriciaGreat for when our grandchildren come for the weekend.5
Perfect for teenage boysJenniferThese beds work perfect for two teenage boys sharing a room. They can stack them if they want more room or leave them as is. They’ve just what I needed at a great price.5
Perfect for what I wantedDOUGLASI wanted a lower bed frame close to the floor, and the stacking option is great too.5
I loved butOLLYparts of the woodwork have details that should be improved4
UTÅKER Stackable bed, pine, Twin

A bed that's made for people on the move

Whether it's for study, work, love or just budget, moving and adapting to a new home is something that has become a part of life for many of us. It makes sense then that our furniture should be able to easily move with us.

That's why IKEA product developer Ina Klepper and designer Henrik Preutz looked to create a bed that could move from home to home multiple times and adapt to any decor or room size while becoming a double or a single just as easily. It seems like a big task, but for Ina, Henrik and the rest of the design team behind UTÅKER bed, it was just a question of drawing inspiration from their own lives.

Made for a generation on the move

Whether you love or hate the word "millennials" it's no secret that life for many people born in the 80's and early 90's is different from earlier generations. One home, jobs and neighborhoods are just not the set paths they once were, as people travel more, look to gain meaningful experiences, and seek to have a lighter environmental footprint. Falling into this age group herself, Ina found that traditional beds didn't fit her or her friend's lives in the way that they could. "A lot of the time beds and daybeds can be pretty heavy and are not so easy to move from one space to another," Ina says, "and to be honest you probably only want to put them together once." Not exactly ideal for people who might be moving often, or who might have changing living arrangements. "So we came up with this idea of a stackable bed, which could be easily assembled and taken apart again for moving, while also being made from solid wood so it would be long lasting," Ina says.

From design floor to apartment door

The design floor at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult is nothing if not busy. Amongst the buzz and energy of new products taking shape, the UTÅKER design team managed to tape off 269 square feet of floor space to stand in as an apartment, and came up with two people called Dieter and Hanna to live there, while they worked out what would be good for them. "We had the idea that she lived in this small apartment while he was travelling a lot and they were only together on the weekends," Ina explains. "To fit that lifestyle we designed the bed to work as a single with both bedframes stacked on top of each other during the week to save room, then sit side by side to become a double when Dieter came home." For friends or colleagues the bed also can be separated to make two single beds just as easily.

"Our second thought was that since they only had a small place they couldn't fill it with too much stuff," Ina goes on. "We wanted the bed to fill as many furniture roles as possible," She says. "So we made sure that it could work as a sofa, seating for casual dining or if you have a weird shaped room, you can just move both pieces around to fit into any combination as you like." Lastly was the idea that the bed could be adapted to fit any decor or personality. "We tried to keep the bed as minimal as possible and not waste any material when making it," Ina says. "It's really functional without any frills so you can adapt it how you want. You could paint it as bright as you like, or keep it clean and stripped back. If you wanted to add a leather handle or something just go for it. It's your clean canvas to do what you want." So for those moving to small homes, in (or out) with partners, or who just want to add personality to their furniture, we hope UTÅKER bed helps you live and move easier.


What is solid wood?

Solid wood is one of our favorite materials and is part of our Scandinavian heritage. It is also a timeless material with many uses. Regardless of the tree species, it is durable, beautiful and renewable. We strive to use this raw material as smartly and efficiently as possible to avoid waste – and we also invest in facilities and logistics so that we can increase the use of recycled wood.

Function solution

Life happens, it’s okay!

Moving furniture around tends to result in a few scratches here and there. That’s why we made UTÅKER in unfinished solid wood. The bed is easy to move, in and between homes, and small stains or scratches can be removed with an eraser, fine sandpaper or paint thinner. Paint it right away for an extra protective layer, or after a while as a touch-up. That way you can enjoy your bed for a long time, even after the wear and tear that comes with a well-used piece of furniture.