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Save now with bedroom deals to enhance your sleep sanctuary

IKEA Kreativ tool on a bedroom

Design confidently with IKEA Kreativ

Confidence in the bedroom is key, and it starts with your furniture. Bring your ideal bedroom sanctuary to life visually, in immersive mixed reality, with IKEA Kreativ. Scan and design your room as much as you want, so you confidently know everything will fit and look great – from a new bed to all the accessories. Get inspired and start creating your bedroom oasis today!

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Cleaner air while you sleep

You can improve the air quality in your bedroom with an air purifier. It can filter dust, pollen and other airborne particles from the air so you can enjoy better air quality all night long.

See all smart air purifiers & filters
A man is putting a white DVALA sheet on a light grey SLATTUM upholstered bed in a bedroom with a large window.
    A black STARKVIND air purifier stands on an off-white STOENSE rug at the end of a light grey SLATTUM upholstered bed.
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      Open and closed storage together

      Hanging up things like jackets and skirts in an open wardrobe gives you an instant overview of what you have, as well as easy access. And combining this with closed storage like drawers for socks and underwear, for example, means you can get the best of both worlds.

      See the HAUGA bedroom series
      A HAUGA chest of 3 drawers stands next to a HAUGA open wardrobe with 3 drawers storing shirts and hats beside a window.
        A grey HAUGA wardrobe combination with clothes hanging from BUMERANG coat-hangers on a rail stands near a SOLKLINT wall lamp.
          See the HAUGA bedroom series

          The harmonious bedroom

          Whether you use it to store extra towels, bed linens and textiles or the items you can’t fit in your wardrobe, a bed with storage helps create harmony in the bedroom.

          See all beds with storage
          A GLADSTAD upholstered bed with 4 storage boxes with grey/green ÄNGSNEJLIKA bed linen and two of the storage boxes open.
            A GLADSTAD upholstered bed covered in ÄNGSNEJLIKA bed linen with two open storage boxes underneath showing textiles inside.
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              Bedroom series for easy coordination

              You can choose matching furniture from one of these bedroom series.

              BRIMNES bedroom series – Modern style and with lots of clever storage ideas, perfect for smaller spaces
              HEMNES bedroom series – Traditionally-styled solid wood furniture with lots of flexible storage options
              NORDLI series – Including a big choice of different sizes and shapes of chests of drawers

              Great storage systems for your bedroom

              Wardrobes and more to help you keep your clothes organised and your bedroom tidy.

              BOAXEL system – Flexible, modular storage that makes the most of any space
              PAX system – Personal storage where you can choose exactly what you want
              JONAXEL system – Open for easy access, at prices that are easy on your budget


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              TaskRabbit Assembly

              Find flexible and affordable ways to get your to-dos done.

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              Financing options

              Finance your dream home with our credit cards.

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              Get a good night’s sleep in your bedroom

              Our affordable bedroom sets are based on years of researching how people live and sleep at home, and are designed so everyone can achieve amazing, restorative sleep. From comfortable mattresses and soft linens to modern bed frames and blackout curtains, you can rest assured knowing you'll be sleeping in style and luxury.Create the perfect modern look for your master bedroom or stylize a rustic feel for your guest bedroom. Find how to maximize space for your bedrooms with daybeds, sleeper sofas, or even bed frames with storage.Get inspiration for toddlers, kids, & teens with kid-friendly bunkbeds, desks, colorful decor and other accessories.