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IKEA Family HUS Story

Visiting Bettina

Scandinavia in Thurgau

As soon as she had the chance, Bettina bought her parent's house. She's been living in the house she grew up in for two years – in her own unique way and now she's no longer restricted to just her childhood bedroom.

A walk to Bettina's house gives you a sense of inner peace. She lives in a quiet neighbourhood filled with plants and trees. This young woman also exudes a sense of peacefulness. Bettina is a very warm-hearted person who could just as well be from Sweden as from Switzerland.

But Bettina's love for Scandinavia and the Nordic look is not merely a passion. She spent two years taking a Swedish language course. She seeks inspiration in the design magazines that she brought back with her from her travels. These ideas are reflected in many parts of her home: "I just adore Stockholm.

The Nordic way of simply enjoying life is what I love most," explains Bettina.

Bettina grew up in the house in which we visit her one sunny afternoon. She spent many wonderful hours here together with her parents and siblings - laughing, experiencing her first teenage crush and completely redoing her childhood room every couple of months.

Bettina is not so driven to redecorate now and leaves her furniture where it is. But all the energy and love she's put into it has really made the house hers. "First I set up a mood board to help me decide where to put things," explains Bettina. Not only did she renovate the house, she also carefully chose each and every piece of furniture. "I'm not an impulse buyer. I'd rather spend more time looking for something that I will then keep forever."

The dining table at which Bettina sat as a child has also earned the right to stay forever. "Here's where I did my homework," she says with a laugh. Today the massive wooden table is outside sitting under the roof of her veranda. She can see the family heirloom from the bright window in her living room.

Bettina keeps herself very busy by working as a freelance photographer on top of her day job. She's also currently studying graphic design. With all that work, does she ever spend time at home? "Once a week, usually at the weekend, I intentionally spend half the day at home," says Bettina. She really enjoys being at home where she celebrates every moment, such as by reading or with another project. She has a small studio in the attic where she takes photographs or design textiles.

Bettina is most happy in her garden: "I love nature and enjoy spending time outside." And she makes use of nature as well: "I use the elderflowers in my garden to make syrup in the summer," she notes. Bettina also loves to throw outdoor parties: "The garden is the perfect place for it. And luckily I get along well with my neighbours," she says with a laugh.

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