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DIY: Flowerpot Wind Chime

A few used flower pots, some paint, wire and beads - that's all you need to create a pretty wind chime for the garden or balcony with your children. The flower pot wind chime is also perfect as a gift - for Mother's Day, for example. How does it work? @forkandflower shows you!

What you need:

  • 1 larger and 1-2 smaller flower pots with a hole in the bottom-
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • Spray paint
  • Various beads, e.g. wooden beads in different sizes,Ironing beads ... for threading on
  • Little bells
  • Thick wire or string
  • Pliers and scissors


Step 1: Painting the flower pots

First paint the flower pots with acrylic paint to your heart's content. Let them dry well. Then apply a layer of spray paint (glitter welcome!).

Step 2: Threading on the decoration

Then thread a string (has the advantage that it blows nicer in the wind) or wire (has the advantage that it is easier to thread and knot at the ends) with colourful beads, bells, ironing beads... to your heart's content, so that a beautiful chain is created. You can also make several chains and hang them all next to each other in the pot. The more, the more beautiful the wind chime will sound in the wind.

Step 3: Assembling the wind chime

Start at the bottom, at the end of the wind chime. Thread the lower part of the chain into the smallest pot and pull the wire through the hole in the pot at the top. By using wooden beads of the right size at the top and bottom, you secure the chains to the pot so that they do not slip through. You can now attach a new chain to the top of the pot and then attach it to the middle pot. The chain with both pots is then attached to the largest pot. Add a pretty loop at the top and voilà, the colourful and tinkling wind chime is ready!

Have fun crafting!

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