RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "
Article Number104.847.90

Product details

Of course your home should be a safe place for the entire family. That’s why hardware is included so that you can attach the chest of drawers to the wall.Made of solid wood, which is a durable and warm natural material.If you oil, wax, lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for.WARNING! Prevent tip-over injury or death. Furniture with included restraints must be secured to the wall according to the product’s assembly instructions.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Main parts/ Drawer sides/ Drawer back:Solid pine
    Back/ Drawer bottom:Fiberboard
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Stains can be removed by using an eraser, fine sandpaper, soap, dishwashing detergent or paint thinner.
  • RAST3-drawer chestArticle Number:104.847.90
    Width: 24 ¼ "Height: 2 ½ "Length: 30 ½ "Weight: 28 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

24 3/8 "
11 3/4 "
26 3/4 "
Drawer depth (inside): 
9 7/8 "


DresserShuiNice piece5
Way too basic and flimsy.HIGINIAWay too basic and flimsy.1
Overall i like it.MairaI do love my rast however it was difficult to assemble. The materials wasn't great for example the nails (thin and cheap) you have to hammer while using this nail holder it was complicated to use3
You get what you pay forAnnaliseI absolutely love the LOOK of this piece. Natural wood is a favorite of mine. If you want something super easy to customize (paint/design) then look no further. But be AWARE, the sliding mechanisms on these drawers are the most annoying thing to deal with. It would be better to just swap it for something from the hardware store. The pieces are a hard type of plastic and while it doesn’t take much brain power to install, it’s painstakingly tedious if the holes aren’t just right. A metal screw would go right in, but plastic? Plastic has so many imperfections that some pieces required way more force. — I also opted to used a furniture anchor from the hardware store because the piece provided (including a harness type piece of nylon) was more complicated than it needed to be. I took away 2 stars for the inconvenient hardware options but I would still buy another.3
Really niceCESARCheap and easy really functional5
Very small, could be usedDevinVery small, could be used for a children's dresser. The pine wood makes the drawers squeak when pulling them out (nails on chalkboard) will be returning.1
RDGRobbinI love this for my grandson5
Always a good buyAlexandraI have had a RAST for years and since we could not decide on a large dresser, we just bought another RAST and stained/glued/our legs on two of them, thusly making a dresser. Worked great, one note: the new RAST is unexplainably lower than the old one so we had to saw the base off a little.5
This product serves its purposeJoseThis product serves its purpose with good expectations. The quality is great. The natural wood looks wonderful.4
Good price, great quality. UsedMichelleGood price, great quality. Used them under my kids beds to make custom captains beds.5
Works exactly how it"s supposedDanaWorks exactly how it's supposed to and was easy to set up on my own.5
Missing piece for assembly andReginaMissing piece for assembly and I couldn’t get the correct one sent to me so I had to buy some off Amazon.5
Poor quality- not up to Ikea standardsMarla2020Bought a Tarva, matching nightstand and picked up a Rast. Everything else was easy and fun to assemble. Not the Rast! Wood was so hard it bent the nails and stripped the screws. My Rast was milled incorrectly with the holes in the wrong place. Rather than drive an hour to the store to return it, I chose to drill my own holes in the correct spot to attach the brace. I ended up with a nice looking Rast with a small hole on one side where it was incorrectly milled. I’m willing to live with it but I expect more from Ikea even though this is an inexpensive item. (Have been a customer 20+ yrs!) Keep your receipt as you may have to return it.1
perfect nightstandlcp123This works so well as a nightstand to keep odds and ends in. Nice room up top for a lamp, phone charger, and coaster. Matches my dresser perfectly. Takes stain so well because it is unfinished.5
Craft storage in a small spaceIluvleeI bought these to store my crafting materials in my small apartment. These fit perfectly in a space under a counter. They are small but perfect for my needs.4
Not very spacious.Faiza RI wanted to use it in my closet just for extra clothes and storage but this is not very spacious at all. It almost doesn’t hold anything. I was a bit disappointed because i’ve seen people rave about it but it just didn’t work out!1
Cheaply madeCCJoyThis item is very cheap. I got it because I saw a DIY on Pinterest that used these drawers. While I was able to replicate the drawer that I wanted without the hefty price tag, the drawer itself is cheap and unstable. You get what you pay for. I do now have a lovely looking dresser drawer but the drawer stick. I was able to help this a little by using 3 layers of varnish and rubbed a candle on each side of the drawer tracks to help with pulling the drawer out. Even with the drawers sliding in and out much easier, the dresser is still prone to tipping if it is not mounted. If you want something freestanding and sturdy on its own, don’t get this.3
like all Ikea stuffivyspringsome of the pre-drilled holes are terrible. use an electronic screwdriver.3
It"s okayAzlynnI bought these for my kids cause I thought it would be nice for them to each have their own little dresser for their clothes. I knew it was small but didn't realize HOW small the insides of the drawers are. I don't think we'll fit everything in it. This is probably better suited for a lingerie chest or the like. I'm also not a fan of the plastic rails, I have a feeling they won't last. Lastly, as someone mentioned the drawers like to stick which could pull the whole thing over if it's not mounted.3
You get what you pay forUnknFor $40 you get a decent size drawer size for a small space however it's unstable and drawers get stuck and shake entire chest to open2

3-drawer chest, pine24 3/8x26 3/4 "

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RAST 3-drawer chest, pine, 24 3/8x26 3/4 "