NEIDEN Bed frame, pine,

Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.

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The natural solid wood is beautiful as it is or you can make it more personal by staining, painting or waxing it. Also, the bed frame is high enough so you can place storage boxes underneath.

Article Number803.952.48

Product details

The compact design is perfect for tight spaces or under low ceilings, so you can make the most of your available space.

The hard-wearing solid pine has natural variations in grain, color and texture, giving every piece a unique look.

If you oil, wax, lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for.

There’s plenty of space under the bed for storage boxes - perfect for storing extra quilts and pillows.

You can easily vacuum under the bed frame to keep the space clean and dust-free.


Jon Karlsson

Article Number803.952.48
  • Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.

    So that the mattress is positioned at the correct height, you can only combine the bed frame with LURÖY slatted bed base.

    Create extra storage space under this bed with up to 6 VARDÖ underbed boxes.

    Center support beam included.

  • Material
    Solid pine

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

    Stains can be removed by using an eraser, fine sandpaper, soap, dishwashing detergent or paint thinner.

  • Renewable material (wood).

    We have clear requirements for all the wood we use, including a ban on illegally harvested wood. By 2020, we want all our wood to come from more sustainable sources, defined as certified or recycled.

  • Assembly instructionsNEIDEN Bed frame803.952.48


Length: 76 3/4 "

Width: 54 3/4 "

Footboard height: 11 3/4 "

Headboard height: 25 5/8 "

Height under furniture: 7 7/8 "

Mattress length: 74 3/8 "

Mattress width: 53 1/8 "

  • NEIDENArticle Number803.952.48

    Width: 8 ¼ "

    Height: 3 ¾ "

    Length: 78 ¼ "

    Weight: 32 lb 14 oz

    Package(s): 1


instructions and partsJessicabetter instructions and individually labeled parts would greatly help in the assembly process.2
Great bed framekariNice and sturdy.5
Don"t buyRosaI bought this bed and the only thing i did was open the box and some wood part were broken already. The wood part were thin. Not sure how can it hold a full mattress without falling apart.1
Nothing fancy, but does theKRISTINNothing fancy, but does the job. Perfect for the money5
Assembly instructions ambiguous in aAUBREYAssembly instructions ambiguous in a few places, some holes did not line up precisely, & a couple of holes were too wide for screws which were in turn not able to be secured, but minor hiccups overall. Great bed for an amazing price for my teens!4
MissingCarlaThis seems to be missing parts. After it was done and assembled,1
Collapsing BedAllieCBJI recently remodeled my room and bought this bed. Overall, it was alright but the first time it broke, it was just two or three slats falling. Then I fixed it, and it was good for about another month. So about half an hour ago, I sat down on the foot of the bed, and it all suddenly collapsed! The slats all fell in and broke, while the foot of the bed cracked down the middle. I literally just sat down, and it all fell apart, quite humorous actually. Anyways, that's about it.1
Its ok!AnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnI wont recomment this bed it took me 5 hours to set up, some piece needs to sure that they connect, I was exhausted. It has a lot of work.2
Would be great, but I didn"t get the frameAngry NorwayI bought this at the Portland IKEA a day ago. It's a great deal considering the price and how sturdy it is on its own. The unfortunate side to this is that not only was the frame, that is in the picture with the bed, not included. The bed itself was sent with the holes drilled incorrectly into where the middle wooden section connects down the middle, so the bed ended up being tilted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Better luck next time I guess.1
The Worst Bed I Ever OwnedWombatMooseNot even a year of owning this bed, the frame and slats broke, the frame also created a horrible dip in my mattress. It is very flimsy, held together by staples, was a hassle to put together and nothing seems to hold the inner part of the frame in place, I’ve tried glue, screws etc.1
Insanely great for the priceelbermAs a college student, I can't afford top of the line products. I honestly bought this a year and a half (?) ago and it's still going strong despite the humidity and heat in my room. Honestly for $50 I have absolutely no complaints. Be realistic when buying a bed frame (it's a skinny wood bed frame. fits 2 people, although preferably 1. fits a person that's 5'7 exactly, if you put the pillow a little lower you're feet will dangle)! Also, read before you buy! Make sure you find ALL parts (some people just buy the wood and that's it, you need the metal too)! I don't know how people complain about a bed frame that's $50, be realistic! It's great for the price of a full! Just to verify, I'm a single college student that's 5'7. Aka, don't share the bed (it's all mine, although my little sister joins me occasionally), average or tall, and pretty much broke, although I could afford better). On the bright side, very aesthetically pleasing if you want that minimal woody vibe.5
Used as firewoodHannah619Terrible product. Good thing I kept my other bed frame.1
Nice frame for priceMimssDecent frame for price for our teenage son. We also purchased ikea mattress. Smallish room so queen bed would be too big. After using a while , seems like he would like a headboard of some sort... pillows constantly falling thru gap to wall. IKEA, are any headboards you sell compatible ? Upon my search, I could not find any.4
Do not buyak34Definitely don't waste your time or money on this bed. The slats for it do not fit and constantly fall through, you can't even sit on it without it happening. My friend had the same bed and had the same problems, not as bad as mine to be fair, but that shows how inconsistent this product is.1
Looks great. Assemble with a friend if possible.Anna0123456789I assembled this bed by myself due to social distancing needs... and it was a BEAST of a task. No electric tools, just used a screwdriver and the provided Allen wrenches. The instructions were clear enough, but manipulating all the slats is definitely a 2-person job. Copious screaming and cursing occurred. Apologies to my neighbours. But all is done now. It looks pretty great, and does feel quite sturdy with one night's sleep. I will not subject it to strenuous testing (such as jumping on it, or gaining too much weight) as my head will figuratively explode if I have to fix this beast or re-do any of the assembly. Luroy slats - purchased separately - fit well. Though putting the slats on by my own lonesome self was also difficult and also induced cursing. In conclusion, would recommend, for non-loners or for post-pandemic times.5
JosieboltI decided to buy this bed frame because it was cheap, but definitely not worth it, took me and multiple people to build the thing, the holes didn’t match up at all where they were supposed to and even with an electric drill some of the screwed wouldnt go in properly!! so sad and disappointed with how my bed frame turned out! Also I had to buy my own nails and wood pieces bc they didn’t come with slats and now I’m just waiting for it to break while I rest on it...1
Spam basciallySamboulIm surprised they still sell this product. the bed doesn't have a base frame. so your mattress falls in the frame. it also doesn't say that you need to buy it separately. usually when u pick up items it says it comes with a separate box. but they spam you buy selling you the item and after you take it home and open it and assemble then you notice the base which is the most important part is not there, by that time you've already done everything so you wont take it back and you have to buy it separately.1
Do not buy this bedb to the hIgnore however low this bed is priced, do not buy this bed. It has been a nightmare from day one. The Luroy slats continually somehow fall out of the frame, despite me attaching an additional wood piece to the inside of the frame for the slats to catch on. The result? My 5-year-old son, in the middle of the night, being woken up when the slats POP through the bed frame. He weighs 50 pounds. This is a truly awful product and an internet search of neiden slats fall out will turn up numerous similar stories. I love me some Ikea, but this product is not up to their standards. No wonder it's always on sale.1
Terrible bed frameKASO1I bought this a year ago for my 4YO. now the bed frame came appart, and we had to drill the ikea slats to make it work.1
Don"t buy...emma101This bed took forever to put together (even with three people!) because the holes weren't drilled wide enough for the bolts. Then the center beam broke the first time I slept on it. Thankfully they gave me a refund in store, but ya can't get back that gas/shipping money.. don't waste your time! Replaced it with a $60 metal frame on amazon that feels much sturdier, required minimal setup, and was delivered the next day for free.1