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Baby cribs

Choosing a crib for the littlest member of the family can feel like one of the biggest decisions you need to make before your baby’s arrival. Luckily, it’s not as complicated as you may have imagined! We’ve simplified the baby cribs shopping process by focusing on clean, classic designs that offer comfort, safety and timeless style. Whether you just need a crib or want to purchase a matching crib set, IKEA has all your nursery needs covered.

Classic baby cribs in calming neutrals

When it comes to certain home decor items—including throw pillows, rugs and vases—we’re captivated by bold, rich colors that draw the eye in. But for other items like a baby crib, their beauty is in their calming simplicity and purity of purpose—to serve as a safe resting space for your precious little one. With this in mind, most of IKEA’s cribs are white or gray.

Cribs with built-in storage keep essentials at your fingertips

Among our most popular newborn crib designs are those that feature a storage drawer. More than simply a place to tuck things away, this drawer can serve as your supply box of all the must-haves that might rear their head in the middle of the night. Save yourself from the struggle of trying to find fresh sheets or a clean diaper with half-open eyes at 3am. Keep your crib drawer fully stocked and ready, and ideally everyone can get back to sleep a little bit sooner!