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White beds

Explore our sturdy white beds that will provide comfort and quality for years. Maximize your bedroom space with practical built-in storage solutions, or a bed with other space-saving-properties. Find your new relaxing white bed here. We have lots of different designs and materials to choose from!

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The benefits of a white bed frame

If you’re looking for a versatile and eye-catching centerpiece for your bedroom, a white bed is the simplest choice. That’s because white bed frames are able to adapt to different colors and bedroom decors. White is a versatile and timeless color, giving you a blank canvas to decorate from. You can match it to colorful or bright sheets and pillows, or you can keep things simple with grays, beiges and other neutral tones that easily blend into the white bed.

White beds are simple yet elegant

With a white bed, you add a touch of simplicity but also elegance to your interior. The minimal, sleek appearance of white matches almost any colors around it. And since white naturally reflects light, white bed frames can also make your room feel more spacious. This makes them especially useful if you have a smaller bedroom or are decorating a guest room.

White bed frames are versatile

You can rest assured that a white bed frame will fit into almost any style that you’re using in your bedroom. It can complement other white accessories like sheets or pillows, as well as bright or dark colors on your walls and the surrounding furniture. A white bed frame provides a neutral look, and it helps take the focus off your bed. This allows it to add a simple touch to any bedroom.

White beds are timeless

A white bed frame is a clean canvas which you can build on to create any personality you like. It’s a great starting point to let your imagination run wild when decorating. And the great thing about white is that it’s a timeless color. With some other colors and styles, trends change and the furniture starts to look dated. But with a white bed, this will never happen. White has always been in fashion and always will be.

White bed frames are calming

The centerpiece of any bedroom is the bed, so you want to make sure it gives off the right feelings. White is known as a calm color, and it creates a soothing, restful atmosphere. Unlike bolder or brighter beds, a white bed frame helps create a mood where you can easily fall asleep and dream through the night.

Find the right white bed for you

Here you can find everything from smaller beds for little rooms to larger beds where you can spread out in a master bedroom. An IKEA white bed frame can also come in a variety of materials, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match whether you’re looking for a wooden bed, a metal bed or beyond.

An IKEA white bed can offer lots of storage

Many IKEA white bed frames come with stylish built-in storage, such as drawers or other smart solutions (and even attached desks!). This lets you make the most out of your bedroom space. With the extra storage options, you can also free up a lot of floor space and make everything feel roomier. And as an added bonus, the color white is generally known to make rooms feel bigger than they actually are. Find your new white bed from the wide selection on this page.