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Fitted sheets & sheet sets

Life is but a dream when you're sleeping in between crisp, fresh bed sheets from IKEA. Our wide selection of high-quality pillow cases, flat sheets and fitted sheets are crafted from natural, breathable, easy-care materials—pure cotton, cotton blends and linen. These materials feel soft and luxurious against your skin while helping keep you warm on winter nights, and cool in the summer. Shop individual bed sheets essentials, or bed sheet sets that include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases in king, queen, full, twin and extra-long twin sizes.

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More optionsDVALA Fitted sheet Twin

DVALA Fitted sheet, light blue, Full/DoubleDVALA Fitted sheet, light blue, TwinDVALA Fitted sheet, light gray, Queen

More optionsULLVIDE Fitted sheet Queen

ULLVIDE Fitted sheet, dark blue, TwinULLVIDE Fitted sheet, dark blue, KingULLVIDE Fitted sheet, gray, Twin

More optionsNATTJASMIN Fitted sheet Queen

NATTJASMIN Fitted sheet, light beige, Full/DoubleNATTJASMIN Fitted sheet, light beige, TwinNATTJASMIN Fitted sheet, dark gray, Queen

More optionsULLVIDE Sheet set Queen

ULLVIDE Sheet set, dark blue, TwinULLVIDE Sheet set, dark blue, KingULLVIDE Sheet set, gray, Twin

More optionsKOPPARRANKA Sheet set Queen

KOPPARRANKA Sheet set, floral patterned, TwinKOPPARRANKA Sheet set, floral patterned, KingKOPPARRANKA Sheet set, floral patterned, Full

More optionsDYTÅG Sheet set Queen

DYTÅG Sheet set, dark gray, TwinDYTÅG Sheet set, dark gray, QueenDYTÅG Sheet set, dark gray, King

More optionsRÖNNVECKMAL Fitted sheet King

RÖNNVECKMAL Fitted sheet, gray, KingRÖNNVECKMAL Fitted sheet, gray, Full/DoubleRÖNNVECKMAL Fitted sheet, gray, Queen

More optionsJÄTTEVALLMO Sheet set Queen

JÄTTEVALLMO Sheet set, beige/dark gray, TwinJÄTTEVALLMO Sheet set, beige/dark gray, KingJÄTTEVALLMO Sheet set, dark blue/white, Queen

More optionsDYTÅG Fitted sheet Queen

DYTÅG Fitted sheet, dark gray, KingDYTÅG Fitted sheet, dark gray, Full/DoubleDYTÅG Fitted sheet, dark gray, Queen

More optionsFÄRGMÅRA Fitted sheet Twin

FÄRGMÅRA Fitted sheet, white, QueenFÄRGMÅRA Fitted sheet, white, Full/Double

More optionsNORDRUTA Sheet set Queen

NORDRUTA Sheet set, white, TwinNORDRUTA Sheet set, white, KingNORDRUTA Sheet set, white, Full/Double

More optionsRÖNNVECKMAL Sheet set Queen

RÖNNVECKMAL Sheet set, gray, KingRÖNNVECKMAL Sheet set, gray, Full/DoubleRÖNNVECKMAL Sheet set, gray, Twin

More optionsVÅRVIAL Sheet set Twin X-long

VÅRVIAL Sheet set, white, TwinVÅRVIAL 4-piece sheet set, white, KingVÅRVIAL 4-piece sheet set, white, Double

More optionsJÄTTEVALLMO Fitted sheet Queen

JÄTTEVALLMO Fitted sheet, yellow/white, Full/DoubleJÄTTEVALLMO Fitted sheet, yellow/white, KingJÄTTEVALLMO Fitted sheet, yellow/white, Twin

More optionsFÄRGMÅRA Sheet set Twin

FÄRGMÅRA Sheet set, white, Full/DoubleFÄRGMÅRA Sheet set, white, Queen

More optionsVÅRVIAL Fitted sheet for twin daybed Twin

VÅRVIAL Fitted sheet for twin daybed, gray-green, Twin
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Make that clean sheets feeling part of your self-care routine

There are few feelings so universally loved as climbing into a bed with clean sheets fresh from the shower. The worries of the day seemingly slip away as we settle into the crisp and cozy softness. So why do so many of us reserve this feeling for twice a month (or less—we’ve read the studies!) when you can freshen your linens every week with easy-care, machine washable bed sheets? 

Not only will you get to enjoy the feeling of fresh sheets more often, but you might reap other benefits as well. Some folks find that when they change their sheets more often, particularly their pillow cases, issues such as acne and allergies can see an improvement. Because our faces are in direct contact with our pillow cases, keeping them as clean as possible can help reduce bacteria and dust mites.

Choosing the best bed sheets for you

With our extensive selection of colors and patterns to choose from, finding affordable fitted sheets and sheet sets that suit your personal style is easy at IKEA. But there are a few practical considerations to ensure your sheets fit your bed and your needs as well…

  • Pick your material: There is no wrong or right material when it comes to what’s best for bed sheets, but personal preferences can vary based on both look and feel. Browse our cotton, cotton blend and linen sheets styles to see which you like best, and filter to see just those styles 
  • Consider the thread count: Generally speaking, the higher the thread count the higher the price. This is because a higher thread count quite literally means that there are more threads per square inch than lower counts. This can greatly contribute to the softness and longevity of your bed sheets, making them more comfortable and sustainable. That said, the quality of sheets isn’t measured by thread count alone. Even our most budget-friendly, low thread count sheets are both soft and durable thanks to the threads we use being such a high quality
  • Measure the height (depth) of your mattress: Most of us know the size of our bed, but do you know how high your mattress is? Mattresses come in a wide range of thicknesses, with some requiring deeper fitted sheets for full coverage. We include the maximum mattress thickness for all our fitted sheets in the description so you can be sure they’ll fit your specific mattress without worry. It’s especially important that fitted sheets fit properly as they’ll be more likely to pull away if they don’t have enough room to wrap around the edge