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Fitted sheets & sheet sets

Life is but a dream when you're sleeping in between crisp, fresh bed sheets from IKEA. Our wide selection of high quality fitted sheets come in natural materials that are breathable and moisture absorbent, helping you stay at the perfect temperature that suits your personal preference. Choose from a variety of thread counts, colors and styles – all manufactured from pure materials that feel amazingly natural against your skin. IKEA sheet sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases in various sizes including king, queen, full and twin.

Bed sheets have a more important job than most people might be aware of. Your sheets are in direct contact with your skin all night, every night. And we spend roughly one third of our life in bed, on top of a bed sheet. This means that our sheets need to be both soft and pleasant against our skin, as well as easy to take care of.

Comfortable bed sheets help you maintain your body temperature by taking care of and transporting moisture away from your body. But good sheets have even more advantages; they stay wrinkle free, are easy to wash and dry, and can also help you sleep with a clean conscience by being made of environmentally friendly materials.

Fitted sheets

A fitted bed sheet is a sheet with an elastic edge that you wrap around your mattress to stretch the sheet and keep it in place. Fitted sheets have some natural advantages such as that the stretch keeps it less wrinkled than a regular sheet. And it is also stays in place even if the people sleeping on it tend to toss and turn.

Satin bed sheets – or other materials?

Different materials feel and behave in different ways. Satin woven cotton/lyocell for instance is very soft and pleasant against your skin as well as has a distinct lustre. Whilst a mix of cotton and polyester is good at resisting wrinkling, easy to take care off and wash without shrinking.

If you like to have a clean conscience, we offer a wide range of sheets in sustainable materials that are better for the environment. These are a good choice for peace of mind.

The choice of material is an individual choice based on what kind of comfort you prefer, and what you value. All materials we use breathe well and help you maintain an even body temperature by taking care of moisture. All of them also feel soft against your skin, but in different ways. In our wide selection you can always find a sheet that fits your taste. And don’t forget to buy bed linens that also keeps you comfortable at night, and can even match your sheets.