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Bed pillows

The crowning touch of your cozy bedding ensemble, finding the right bed pillows for you can make a world of difference in your sleep quality. But that perfect pillow is not the same for all of us due to different sleeping positions, material preferences and more. At IKEA, we offer machine washable pillows for the whole family. Browse our ergonomic, memory foam, polyester and down pillows to find the slumber-worthy style you’ve been dreaming of!

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Comfy pillows for your guests, too

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. So why not have some pillows ready for when friends and family stay over? These ones are nice and comfy but won’t make a hole in your budget.

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The arm of a person who is pulling a white/blue TRÄDKRASSULA pillowcase over a VILDKORN pillow lying on top of a bed.
Two different SKOGSFRÄKEN pillows are piled on top of each other on top of a folded STJÄRNBRÄCKA duvet on a bed.
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Drift off on an ergonomic pillow cloud

It may be smaller than average, but with a gentle, curved form and memory foam filling, this new NORDSTÅLÖRT ergonomic pillow with moisture-wicking cover helps side and back sleepers go for maximum sleep comfort. And with packaging that doubles up as a storage bag, it’s even ready to join you on your travels.

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Three rows of NORDSTÅLÖRT ergonomic pillows. Five are uncovered, two have dark blue pillowcases and one has a gray one.
A white NORDSTÅLÖRT ergonomic pillow sitting on a blue surface, with four of the same pillows placed neatly around it.
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Finding the best bed pillows for you starts with your sleeping position

With finding a comfortable pillow being so important, there are an abundance of options available to suit all budgets and preferences. But that same abundance that makes finding the right pillows possible also makes it tricky to know where to start!

We recommend first considering the position you spend the most time in while sleeping. Are you a side sleeper or back sleeper, the most common sleeping positions? Or do you prefer a front-facing, stomach sleeper position? Perhaps you find yourself somewhere in between all three, and need a moldable pillow that will keep you supported as you shift throughout the night? Whatever best describes your sleep style, filtering by position is a great way to begin narrowing down your options.

Firm pillows and soft pillows in varying heights

Some people assume that how firm or soft a pillow feels is directly tied to how much fill is inside, and while that is an impactful factor it’s not the only consideration.

  • Certain bed pillows materials, like down, are what most of us would consider ‘soft pillows’ even in loftier designs for back and side sleepers. Because of the properties of down itself, even the most supportive pillows will have a certain sinking in softness to them. This is the precise reason many sleepers choose down, but if you prefer your head sits more firmly atop the pillow, a memory foam or ergonomic pillow may better suit your needs
  • Just like down is inherently soft, our contoured ergonomic designs are what most of us would consider firm pillows, even in low-profile heights 
  • Remember that while the overall height factors into the overall firmness and support level, material matters too. Do you want a flexible pillow you can easily shape to support you in any position? Both feather pillows and shredded foam pillows make smart choices. Want to ensure your pillow maintains its shape throughout the night? High fill down pillows and molded ergonomic pillows tick that box 

Choose your pillow size

Now that you’ve considered the ideal height, support level and material softness, filter your options once more by size. We offer big pillows for bed in queen and king sizes, as well as standard and small bed pillows to help everyone in the family rest easy.