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Duvet inserts & comforters

We take getting a good night’s sleep seriously and our high-quality, easy-care comforters and duvet inserts are designed with that in mind. Our extensive selection includes options for all seasons, with the warmth level of each conveniently listed to help you in making the right choice for you. More focused on the fill? We have a wide assortment of down comforters and duvet inserts for feather fans, down alternative designs and luxurious silk comforters.

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More optionsFJÄLLARNIKA Duvet insert, extra warm Full/Queen

FJÄLLARNIKA Duvet insert, extra warm, KingFJÄLLARNIKA Duvet insert, extra warm, Twin

More optionsFJÄLLBRÄCKA Duvet insert, light warm Full/Queen

FJÄLLBRÄCKA Duvet insert, light warm, TwinFJÄLLBRÄCKA Duvet insert, light warm, King
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A comfy temperature for better sleep

Not too hot, not too cold – the right temperature helps you sleep better. Too toasty in bed now that spring is here? A light warm duvet can do the trick.

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A LÖNNHÖSTMAL multicolored floral duvet cover on a bed with multiple pillows stacked behind it.
A SMÅSPORRE light warm duvet lies on an IDANÄS upholstered storage bed together with a TRATTVIVA dark pink bedspread.
See all down alternative comforters & duvet inserts

Comforters that live up to their name

There are a few primary considerations to make when shopping for and comparing comforters. First, you’ll want to consider the type of fill that fits your needs and budget—are you down with down, soft on silk or do you perhaps prefer polyester? 

Next, you’ll want to consider the season in which you’ll be using the comforter, as different materials and weights are better suited to each. But we’d also encourage you to ask yourself how well a comforter seems to live up to its name. After all, comforter is also a verb!

Now, comfort as a concept might not be as easily quantifiable as thread count, for example. That said, we do have a standard recipe for all of our comforters and duvet inserts, measured in different amounts by design. The ingredients include high-quality fabrics and fills, modern designs with timeless appeal and prices that won’t keep you up at night.

Duvet inserts are perfect for the ‘no top sheet’ generation

The majority of sheet sets you’ll find at IKEA and beyond include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases. But recent studies have shown that for many folks, that top sheet never leaves the linen drawer! 

Your mother or grandmother might gasp at the idea of skipping the top sheet, but we aren’t the sheet police. That said, even if you don’t like the feel of the top sheet it does serve a practical purpose beyond being an additional layer. The top sheet is designed to serve as a barrier between you and your comforter. With this barrier in place that can easily be washed with the rest of your sheets, larger and loftier comforters stay clean longer, requiring less frequent laundering. 

So what’s someone to do when they don’t want to fuss with a top sheet, but they also don’t want to drag their comforter to the oversized washer at the laundromat twice a month? Invest in a duvet insert!

Duvet inserts and covers have long been popular abroad, but are growing in popularity in the US, no doubt thanks in part to the ‘no top sheet’ folks among us. A duvet insert is very similar to a comforter, being available in a variety of materials, fills and weights. The primary difference is that a duvet insert is designed to be used with a duvet cover, which is similar in design to a large pillow case. This cover can be easily removed and washed with your sheets, minimizing the necessary laundering of the duvet insert.

Find the perfect weight and warmth for the whole family with affordable comforters, duvet inserts and weighted blankets at IKEA.