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Guest beds & day beds

If you don't have an extra guest bed or enough room in your living space, choose a day bed. This versatile piece of furniture looks like a sofa, but just take the cushions off and... ta-da!... you have a comfy guest bed! You can transform most day beds from a single to a double bed.

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Day beds and guest beds for every budget

Do you regularly have guests staying over but don't have a guest room or extra space for a bed? A day bed is ideal for offering your guests a bed. You quickly transform the sofa into a bed or from a single bed into a double bed. Often there is enough room to store the bedding in the drawers under the bed. With stylish cushions for decoration, you can make the sofa match your interior. Do you want to make optimum use of your space? Then choose a loft bed. This way you create an extra level in the space where you can work, study, chill or lay out your yoga mat. 

Which mattress do I need for my day bed?

With a suitable mattress, your guest bed is complete. Two single mattresses measuring 80 x 200 cm fit on most guest beds. Read the product description to see which mattress best fits your guest bed. Our day beds are designed to fit perfectly in your living room and to easily transform into a bed at night. With the right bedding, your guest will feel right at home. Our range of mattresses offers you the choice to select the firmness of your mattress. Most day beds have extra storage space for your blankets and pillows. Nice and tidy!