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Loft beds & bunk beds

Do you often have guests to stay? Or do you like to do your homework in your bedroom? Then we've got just what you need with our wide range of loft beds and bunk beds. Space saving and twice as much fun!

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Loft bed or bunk bed?

A loft bed or bunk bed is a good option if you don't have much space in your bedroom. Children think it's fantastic, because what is better than climbing a ladder to get into bed? A loft bed is a smart, space-saving solution and is available in many designs and materials. A loft bed or bunk bed that meets your needs will suit any room. If you need to buy a mattress, the right mattress for every IKEA bunk bed or loft bed is available.

Climbing, staying over and studying

With this versatile bed, you won't have time to sleep. The possibilities are endless. A bunk bed is ideal if you have a small room or often have guests staying over. You can easily turn the lower bed into a lounge bed with beautiful cushions. Do you often study in your bedroom? Then a big desk and desk chair will easily fit underneath. This is how you change a normal room into a dynamic living space.