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Children's beds

The child's room is a place where anything is possible. Choose from wooden loft beds, colourful canopy beds and practical extendable beds. With the accompanying children's room accessories, the children's paradise is complete!

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Children's bed or extendable bed?

Once your baby no longer fits in a cot, it's time for a 'big bed'. Children are then usually between two and a half and three and half years old. Our children's and toddler beds are 70 x 160 cm, so they offer plenty of room for the little one to grow. Our extendable beds are 85 cm wide and have a minimum length of 135 cm. And when your child grows, the bed just grows too.  You can extend the bed to a maximum of 206 cm.

Children are ready for a bigger bed when they:

  • are between 2 and 3 years old
  • regularly climb out of their cot
  • ask for a 'big bed'
  • only have a little space between the bars for movement
  • if they are not too attached to their baby bed but are receptive to a different bed

The ultimate children's room

Create the ultimate room for your child with our wide range of children's beds and accessories. With a bunk bed, siblings never feel lonely. Also ideal if you have an extra guest. And with our children's bed accessories and canopies, children can create their own dream world where they'll never be bored.