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Feel like taking an afternoon nap? Unfold your sofa to turn it into a comfortable sofa bed and drift off to dreamland. Our sofa beds serve as an extra guest bed and are also suitable for extra storage. You'll save not only money, but also space!

Sofa beds in all types and sizes

A sofa during the day and a bed at night. With a sofa bed, you're actually buying two pieces of furniture at once. A comfortable sofa to sit on during the day and a good bed for a well-earned night's sleep. A sofa bed is the ideal piece of furniture if you have a small home but still want to offer hospitality. We have different types of day beds, chair beds and guest beds. Some have handy extra storage space underneath for bedding or pillows for example. And many sofa beds have a removable cover that can go in the wash. You will find all the information on each sofa bed in the product description. From now on, you can always say, 'do you want to stay over?'

Double function, double fun

We love furniture that has a dual function. At IKEA, we consider it a challenge to come up with solutions for the smallest or most impractical rooms. A sofa bed is ideal for people who live in a studio or need an extra chair. When folded up, you have a comfortable sofa. Fold it out, and you sleep like a baby. Choose from different materials, colour designs and styles. Do you live in a really small place? Our chair bed is a good solution.